Thursday, August 15, 2013

put on a grass skirt and some coconut oil... i promise... you will feel pretty!

about a year ago, Chrislyn said, "Mom you have to try coconut oil!"

i bought a jar, and posted about it here.  

i continued to purchase the small jars at Trader Joe's  until

Costco started to carry...

the ginormous size!

when i placed the mega jar in our cart,  Mr D said,

"what are you going to do with all of that coconut oil?"

i looked at him and said, " i can't imagine living without

coconut oil!"  

once you put on a grass skirt...
you will be ready to buy the big jar! 

pretty promise!


p.s.  my recipe for "a grass skirt"?
...mix coconut oil with your fave sunless tanner!


  1. I use it, too, and love it. You ARE talking about using it as a body butter, right? I have a friend that uses it for cooking, too- xo Diana

    1. For inside and out! Chrislyn cooks with it all the time! I love it on whole wheat toast with honey and it makes the yummiest granola!

  2. Well gee let us know some of the uses.:):) I have heard it wonderful for your hair. I wish we could have seen your husband face when you put that jar in the cart.xoxo,Susie

    1. Just click on the grass skirt blog link above for 50 uses to get you started!

  3. Oh what a GORGEOUS drawing that is! HI LYNNE! Love to you this day! Anita

  4. My daughter and I were just talking about this very item today and I come home and read your blog and ta da!! there it is. One question - I've never used it. Does it add sweetness to things if I fry with it? Veggies won't taste coconutty will they?

    1. Hi Jo!
      I tried to respond by email...the address said "no reply".
      The oil is not sweet. It WILL add hint of coconut flavor if used to fry or saute'.
      My daughter uses it as a butter substitute in some of her cookie recipes. We both make our Granola with coconut oil. It works well in Banana bread, Zucchini bread and a shrimp saute'.

      I use it almost every day topically.

      Start with a small jar from Trader Joe's, (it's a good price.)

      Thanks for popping in to visit!

    2. I don't know why the email address didn't work. Odd. But thanks so much for replying. so basically you don't use it for vegetables, is that what you are saying. I sure would like to use it but I rarely make anything sweet so now I don't know what to do. I will definitely get a small jar at TJ. I checked my local grocery yesterday and they have it but it was very expensive. I don't mind paying if I like it. Thanks so much for letting us know about it. I appreciate your response.

  5. I keep hearing about coconut oil but have yet to try it! Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Say coconut and I'm there. I became familiar with coconut oil when I was first diagnosed with borderline hypothyroidism (sluggish thyroid) a few years ago. The oil is recommended. Off to check the link for its uses, but first I am catching up with all I've missed at your gorgeous page. Finally here with coffee at hand. :)
    Love that illustration.

  7. I am glad to find another coconut oil addict! Thanks for linking my blog, and have a great weekend!
    The Grass Skirt

  8. I have a large jar in my pantry and will use some of these great tips.

    Now, I have to know, am I going crazy? I scrolled through the past 3 weeks posts looking for the wrapping job with the pink starbucks bag. Alas it could not be found. I thought surely it was you. ????

  9. what a good tip + TJ's here I come.

  10. I heard that coconut oil has many health benefits. I have used it myself a few times. Don't you just love Trader Joes? Every time I go there, I come home with a bag full of goodies.


  11. I just discovered coconut oil last week! How did I live without it?