Sunday, August 18, 2013

sweet Sunday morning deliveries, Legendary and market fresh!

up early this Sunday morn' for 

a visit to Legendary Doughnuts in Tacoma...

first stop?  

the Grands!  

(a little surprise before church.)

Grandpa D picked out a special doughnut for Holland!

her Mama sliced a small wedge, (you can see the missing

 piece in the photo), for Holland to eat.

 (she will NOT be permitted to eat the whole thing!)

last stop?

Mom and Dad's place!

i tucked a Legendary lemon - blueberry fritter into their

savory market fresh bag!

 i'm headed out the door to seize this glorious Sunday!



  1. THAT IS ONE HUGE DONUT SHE'S EATING!!!!!!!!!! Happy Sunday evening now, Lynne! Anita

  2. A surprise for everyone + adorable photo + Happy Monday!

  3. Bonjour mon amie! I had an all-day new technology training session for school yesterday, and saw your comment on my post from my cell phone!!!!! WHEW, there's a lot to learn. Thank you SO MUCH for coming to my post. You are such a dear! BISOUS BISOUS!!!! Anita