Thursday, September 19, 2013

just one pic! a little ramble, ramble, the snuggle bugs, and... a little more ramble.

welcome friends old and new!

you have been lighting up "ville de blog" with such

Autumn loveliness and yumminess!

thank you, thank you for all the inspiration!

* * *

this has been one challenging work week for most of us 

at the office. we have been clocking out pretty weary. 

(don't get me wrong, i am NOT complaining, as i am grateful to 

have a good job.)  Mr D has been working much overtime.

 he leaves for work at 5:30 am and walks in

the door at 7:30 pm.  did i mention that he received a recent 

promotion? whoot! whoot!

after dinner, we grabbed our laptops and popped 

on to facebook to find...


our little...SNUGGLE BUGS!


(doesn't it look like Dora is winking?)

it's so much fun watching the love and

mutual admiration grow between the two little

bugs! Holland is such a good big sister, and

Ben is trying to hard to "stand up and go" to 

keep up with her.  bitten twice, we 

experienced a sweet reaction from the snuggle bugs.

the challenges of the day, suddenly disappeared from mind.

the image brought back that memory of checking on 

the kids before retiring...

...when the busy bugs looked like little sleeping angels. 

 the perfect peaceful moments that

i miss so very much, but will be so ever grateful to have had!

 we are blessed!



  1. Your Grandkids are darling, Lynne. This picture is precious. I bet you were so surprised to see it. Yes, our blog friends give us so much inspiration that I started to decorate for Fall yesterday. They are always creating with new ideas.

    Happy Autumn day, Lynne.


  2. They are so adorable and you are blessed with your family.
    They look so happy and war in that Dora :)
    Have a beautiful fall season.


  3. you are blessed + what beautiful grandchildren. Happy Thursday.

  4. Your grandchildren look soo cute! Adorable Photo! Thanks for sharing all their energy, love it!


  5. They are A-DOOR-able!!! And YES! Dora IS winking! I love seeing the pics she posts on Facebook on the days I'm not seeing them in person. Don't you LOVE all this modern technology where we can SEE our little ones with a click of a mouse?
    The weekend is coming and I hope you and Mr.D get some rest....

  6. Oh my dear....I am so late here, but I leave rather early as well for work to teach French! The kids look fabulous and isn't there so much to be thankful for? HAPPY EVENING! Anita

  7. I can tell how very special your grandkids are and how happy they make you... Hope to have one or more of my own one day. Happy Weekend Lynne!
    XOXO Mary