Wednesday, September 25, 2013

just one pic! the heat is on!!!

:: ici ::

i have to laugh...

maybe i am posting the mundane...

the heat just popped on for the first time since Spring!

it's officially SWEATER WEATHER!

i'm wearing my FAVE cozy sweater to work today!

the image above, from here, has me on the lookout for oatmeal wool

and peek a boo lace!

(thank you for all of the sweet comments about my Mom

and the precious quilt!)



  1. one picture is enough + lace + a cozy sweater YES!

  2. I understand about the heat. We just read that it was 81 degrees on the beach yesterday. I was not motivated to do much.

  3. Our heat went on two nights ago, too! Too early, but I love the cold so i dont mind. I love that sweater!

  4. Our heat went on too...I love Fall! It is a glorious day up north..hope you are having the same.. xo

  5. We are having record heat here so no sweaters for me yet! When school is in session, I automatically think sweaters! Lovely pic my friend! Anita

  6. What a lovely sweater, and I love the color. Me and Jess went shopping today and saw all the different styles for Fall.