Sunday, September 29, 2013

the men are on their way home from hunting and foraging! my new issue of Bon Appetit arrived just in time!

they are on their way home!

bringing nature's bounty!

last night when the Cougs fell apart on the field,

i couldn't take it anymore!

so... i decided to lose myself in the October issue

and lost i was!

 ... my favorite farm to table blog.

life as it should be!

a casual elegance.

i'll prepare duck and goose sausage (from last season's hunts),

with French bread and wine.

the perfect plate for the Seahawks game. 

we're playing Marsha's Texans!  

( Marsha! check out Mimi's perfect pashmina!)

now back to football!  GO HAWKS!



  1. Isn't it great to see Mimi in print! I saw the mag at the hair salon. I was THRILLED! Happy Sunday my dear! Anita

  2. The fellows sure have enough to bring home to their families.:):) Take photos of the dishes you make. We like to see your cooking. xoxo,Susie

  3. How lovely....I must get this mag. I miss reading it. Your supper (dinner) sounds wonderful. Perfect for an Autumn evening. Thank you for sharing your info regarding thyroid surgery. I need to find out more. The proper questions to ask. xo Linda

  4. Lynne,
    I've never had goose sausage before. Sounds interesting. Wow, look at all those fish! They must have had a grand hunting trip by the looks of them in the picture.

    Have a good week ahead.


  5. What a sweet thing you did for me! Thank you so much. We're definitely getting the pashminas ASAP.
    And, please tell me where to find MiMi's magazine. This is fabulous isn't it? And, as I predicted, your Seahawks won, but it was a good game, the Texans made so many mistakes, we are wondering who is doing the play calling for the offense because something has to change. sending love....