Monday, September 2, 2013

this morning, on the farm table...le centre de sport!

Jay's home!

he came to Seattle to cover the Boise State - University

 of Washington game. he was able to stay behind for a 

little visit, but that didn't mean

day's off quite yet, as he had, editing and production

 to complete, for a half hour

show that occurs on Sunday nights at KTVB.

before, i could pick up, we jetted 

out of the house for an "all you can eat 

Dungeness crab feed". i thought that i would show you a 

little of the "real deal", before i toss the pop

can and start tidying the table this morning!

our little table for four fed our family of four for over 

25 years. yesterday, it was about a different kind of "feed"! 

from the farm table to Boise! 

it's function has officially hit high tech!

i know the temporary clutter may bother some people,

 but i love it when the table is multitasking.  

this is the heart of our modest home! well fed, creative

minds and hearts sat and continue sit at this old table. 

our tiny grand children have actually sat "on"

the table a time or two.  Chrislyn and Jay did not have desks

 in their bedrooms. the homework and study happened 

here. their rooms were a retreat for reading and sleeping. 

as you can see, i still have my herb drying and

flower pressing going on! 

it's time to tidy up, make breakfast, and bake desserts

for a picnic on Lake Sammamish this afternoon!

all of our babies will be together! 

i couldn't be happier! 

it's a perfect Labor Day of love!

...and i wish you all the same!

from le centre de sport, in Tacoma,



  1. Good morning precious Lynne. Your table is evidence of the community of family that lay out their work, their loves, the chats and laughter that can only be gathered in such a feast. Enjoy this Labor Day, and thank you for all the inspiration and kindness. Anita

  2. Lynne~ Have a wonderful day!!!!!
    xo~ Cheryl

  3. You had me at Dungeness crab!!

    And where are those lemon drop cupcakes you promised? :) seriously I love anything lemon..

    Thanks for following I am now your newest follower...

    Have a gorgeous day!

    a bientôt

  4. Dungeness grab feast sounds great! A Labor Day picnic with all of your family on Lake Sammamish, how fun...enjoy!

  5. Hope you picnic went well. I do not mind seeing work messes..I have those on our table at times. Hope you got lots of hugs. xoxo,Susie

  6. A messy table means a home and I think it's wonderful. The crab fest sounds delicious. XO Laura

  7. Oh, I love a multitasking LIVING table. Ours has so many looks and they're all so special. I remember the times when my husband used to draw anything our children asked for hours after dinner. Now it's college papers and laptops. It's still divine to me...a table for four too.