Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday's wrap! game day colors!


i made it! 

...with two minutes of Wednesday to spare!

last Saturday, while Jay was on the field, 

and Mr D was taking apart the dishwasher,

i was at the farm table wrapping a present for a sweet baby boy!

i used some fun little pennant stickers and tiny twine 

from Miss B at Besotted Brand

i wrapped the orange grosgrain around the package once, and 

tucked a pair of mittens before tying the knot! i snipped the 

ends of the ribbons to match the pennant stickers.

the package was a winner, but the game was another story.

it was a sad day on the sidelines. 

i am going to take a few days off from publishing to catch up 

on my visits with all of you.  i'll be back on Monday.

oh...about the dishwasher... 

if your dishwasher is over three 

years old, the "pods" or "packets", and some of the new 

liquid varieties are not recommended for use.

there is a wealth of information on the subject 

if you google your machine brand and check out

the recommendations. 

Mr D saved us about 900.00 last Saturday.

 bless his talented heart!

have a great weekend!



  1. YOU MUST BE SOOOOOOOOO PROUD, LYNNE! I would be beaming to see my son on the sidelines like that! Anita

  2. I love all the fun details you wrapped the little gift with! I am happy to of found your blog! I want to follow you too... have to figure out how to do that! I don't see a follow button!

  3. The gift is beautiful + the photo of your son is wonderful.

  4. The gift is so lovely and creative :)
    your son must be proud of you.

  5. Just stopped by and realized you live near by! We are a house-divided;) with a son that went to WSU and my daughter is in her 5th year at UW (accounting MA).. she is also a Sea Gal so we are huge football fans. Great new stadium!

    Nice meeting you!


  6. How exciting that your son is a sportscaster! And that he was able to spend time at home with you over a holiday while in town.

    Love your blog header!


  7. Your son sure is a cutie! He reminds me of my youngest son...(he's a cutie, too-if I do say so myself). Love the sweet baby gift. What a fun present to receive. Enjoy your time away, Lynne! xo Diana

  8. What a cute bow and package, Lynne. This is a nice picture of your son. I really miss the football games, as my son played it for many years.

    These were my school colors too!


  9. That gift is adorable, Lynne. And I must say, your son is pretty darn cute, too. xo Laura

  10. Dear Lynne you have a super husband, a handsome son, and look at that special gift!
    The Football Spirit Lives On!

    2013 Artist Series