Saturday, October 26, 2013

Autumn "parfait" is on the farm table...French sugar and pumpkin sweet is this Saturday morning!

gooooood Saturday morning to you!

some pretty and yummy French sugar is on the table this morn'!

a parcel greeted me at my door step last night when i returned

 home from work.

i could smell the French Larkspur Lavender Soap the minute i picked it up!

that Tracey!

she always tugs at my French heart strings!

i placed the sweet scroll "parfait" with it's diminutive 

French handwriting  atop the "baby boo's" and gourds in the center

 of the table.

next to arrive on 34th street was a surprise visit from

our beautiful Chrislyn and the "Grands"! They delivered pumpkin spice

cinnamon rolls with maple and brown sugar glaze to be placed in

the fridge for this morning's coffee!  

ready for the oven! whole wheat goodness!

while they were baking...

...the house phone rang!

it was Jay! 

 he's en route from University Hill at Provo, Utah, to his home in Boise

 after covering the Boise State - BYU football game last night. 

it's always so good to hear his voice!  i made sure that he was 

speaking to me hands free.  i so worry about the dangers of smart phone

use while driving.


 the calender is filled with fun this weekend!

i hope to have some images of the activities to share on Monday!

there's a couple hours of housework planned before the fun starts.

the rolls are ready to be served !

it's time for coffee with Mr D before he takes the Expo for it's

oil change.


i have been visiting, but am so behind with my comments!

i hope to catch up tonight and tomorrow!

enjoy this amazing weekend!



  1. Hello sweet friend! I can see you are enjoying the bounty of the season, as I am, with white pumpkins and lavender! Now I'm going to make myself a cup of pumpkin tea, try to work on a blog post and enjoy this fabulous and windy day. BISOUS BISOUS! Anita

  2. Good morning Lynne... Your words paint such a pretty picture of a beautiful start to the day, full of loveliness! I can almost smell the rolls! Enjoy the weekend.
    Ciao Bella, Mary

  3. Ok, pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls sounds a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!! Now I will be craving them all day :))

    Merci beaucoup! Thank you so very much for the shout out!!! That was so nice of you! I'm glad your package was a bright spot in your day :))

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!



  4. those cinnamon rolls look delicious. perfect for an autumn day. I can almost smell the lavender from here. have a wonderful weekend, my friend. xo Laura

  5. Lynne,
    I haven't had cinnamon rolls in such a long time, and these pumpkin spice rolls look so good. How nice of your blog friend to send you the lavender soap. I bet it smells so nice in your home.

    Have a fun weekend, doing all the things you love.


  6. With those nice gifts...all you need is a cup of coffee.Yummy. Blessings for the weekend. xoxo,Susie

  7. Okay- Now I got two scents roaming around in my head from your blog- Lavender AND Cinnamon rolls...both sound wonderful! Glad you heard from your boyo...that is always a good thing! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. I have two grand girls here and am just playing a bit of catch up myself- xo Diana

  8. Oh boy, cinnamon rolls...homemade cinnamon rolls...pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls.... Can taste the sugar overload right now...

    How wonderful to hear from your boys (they will always be boys, regardless of how old they grow).

    Off to do some catching up of my own. :)


  9. How I LOVE this post, full of sugar and spice and every thing nice, chez toi.

    Merci mon amie for coming to visit me and may the blessings of life always be YOURS! With love, for sure, Anita

  10. What a delicious looking post. Lavender and cinnamon are two of my favorite fragrances. I'm heading down for a cup of Lavender tea and going to dream of eating your cinnamon rolls.
    Have a beautiful Sunday.

  11. I can almost smell those rolls. Hope you'll post some images of BamBam! :)

  12. Dying over the cinnamon rolls...wishing I had one with my morning coffee!!

  13. What a delicious post! From the vintage touches to the cinnamon rolls to the cup of java. Even more so is the sweet family fun! Love this!
    xx, Heather

  14. You could almost smell this post, Lynne. Deliciousness.