Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall fête ! A girls night out at the "Met"!

you could be thinking...


more pink?

yes...more pink!

by now most of you have figured out that i have set myself up 

for a little challenge to post in pink for the month of October! 

i have not abandoned

traditional Fall.  our home does not wear pink well. 



i can't place pink in our home.

why not on my blog?

...and who knows?  i may just finish this month off with

a pink vignette in a special little tyke's very pink bedroom!

the images featured today are from Monica Hart,

 an amazingly talented woman that lives here in the Pacific Northwest.

just look what she is planning for October 24th!

if you are not familiar with Monica, or her beautiful blog

La Famiglia Design, pour your favorite sip, 

grab a cozy throw and pop in for a visit here!

you may also visit Monica's "Fall Inspiration" board on Pinterest, here!

i hope that you don't mind me living in the pink for a little while!


:: the recipe for Monica's fairy tale magic is here!


  1. Monica's blog is full of great eye candy and ideas... Wish I lived in the Seattle area sometimes because of the fun Girls Nights that Monica does. Love the gold leaf gourd, so gorgeous. Hope you are having a great weekend Lynne... It's HOT here darn it !
    Ciao Bella

  2. Oh how lovely is this pink gourd my dearest Lynne! WHY NOT, hugh? Go outside of the color box and do something different. I love the golden accents too! Now to go visit Monica! Happy Saturday night! Anita

  3. Oh my gosh Lynne! Thank you so much for the feature! So sweet of you! Have a great weekend and think pink! Monica

  4. may live in the pink as long and as much as you need! And thank you for inspiring us to do the same.


  5. I must go over and check out her blog! Beautiful in PINK you are!!

  6. I think it is wonderful that you are keeping up the pink, Lynne. Love that pink gourd. xo Laura

  7. No, I certainly don't mind you livin' in the pink for awhile, as it such a happy color to me. I know what you mean......I don't have much pink in my home, but I love to put it on our blog once in awhile. My guest bathroom used to be pink roses, but since then, I've changed it. Off to check her blog out now.