Wednesday, October 16, 2013

immersed in Autumn's fare!


welcome friends, old and new!

so many of you have inspired me with your pretty 

decorations and decked out front porches.

we are having the most beautiful Fall here in the

 Pacific Northwest! the forecast is going to be crisp and sunny 

for the next week, which means on the weekend, i'll be

outside..."to make hay while the sun shines".

 last Sunday, i pulled the

annuals, trimmed up and mulched the perennials, 

and prepped the planter pots to be filled

with Chrysanthemums and boxwood.

i want to keep it clean and simple, like the pots

in this image from Southern Living. (once the frost

hits, gardening is not a huge pleasure in our region.)

 Costco had some amazing Chrysanthemums for 12.99! 

i hope they receive another shipment. i am on the hunt for

more burgundy mums to match the trim of our house.

the kid's had family pictures taken at Gene Coulon Park  

on the weekend before last.  i can't get enough of those sweet 

little Fall faces!  this image is my newest screensaver!

Chrislyn did a wonderful job styling her family both casual

and vintage chic!  

this was the final shot...

...moments before the overdue nap time meltdown, i'm told!

i can't wait to transform the images into canvas for our new 

RED LETTER gallery wall!  



  1. I absolutely love that final shot, it's candid and full of life vs prop. Who could help but smile when you look at it. :)
    Always a pleasure visiting, friend. You might see me here more often because I only keep a handful of girls on my sidebar now...more relaxed option for me.
    Your header is dreamy.
    Enjoy this most magical season.

  2. Darling photograph of the little ones in the wagon.. beautiful family! I too like a simpler look. When the kids were little October was all about ghosts, witches, and anything scary;) My entry is very simple now with only some boxwood and a few pumpkins. Picking up some Mums is on my to do list for today! Enjoy your day! xxL

  3. Love the photos all of them-your screensaver is smart almost can touch those grandchildren + mums that is what I need!

  4. The kids look just really super adorable!! No wonder you would have that image for your screensaver! Your daughter must be very proud! I'm picking up a few pumpkins the last few weeks too. Sorry I haven't been commenting, though I have been keeping an eye on your posts. Are you on Instagram? I want to see more pics of fall in the Pacific Northwest! xxoo A

  5. Beautiful family! The kids are adorable, you are blessed to have such a family.

    It has been raining for 9 days, I am having a little trouble getting into the spirit of decorating the porch for Fall.

    I hope that you have a fabulous day!

  6. Lynne, the photos of your family are gorgeous! The fall colors... spectacular. Enjoy your weather...
    XOXO Mary

  7. Lynne, I love what you're going to do with the front entryway. We are overflowing with blooming chrysanthemums in every market, the big round perfect ones. Now, about these beautiful photos...they look so un-styled, so real, so natural, this is why they are so amazing. Screensaver is perfect use for the little ones. That would make me smile all day long. Sending love, darling one....

  8. Beautiful & Blessed Family! Your front door looks awesome too! haven't had a nap YET?
    We all want to see and read lots more inspiring post this fall, so please get some rest, you super woman you! <3
    ~ Love, Nina ~

  9. The chrysanthemums must look so pretty on your porch, Lynne. You know, I have a thing for front porches, and I love to see them to get ideas for my own home. The picture of your Grandkids is delightful, and it would be so fun to have it as a screensaver.

    Gardening is one of my favorite things to do. It's relaxing and brings much peace.


  10. Oh my. Those grandchildren are so precious. What fantastic family photos. xo Laura

  11. Your inspiration porch looks great- simple and sweet. And speaking of sweet- those kids are just adorable (big kids AND littles) What a great shot of the two of them in the wagon but the last one is the prize winner. They are a beautiful couple, too. xo Diana

  12. What great pics of such beautiful people!! Love your love of fall!! I share that!!

  13. I am SO LATE MY FRIEND! I cannot keep up with everyone's posts these days! Lovely to see the kids as they are, these darlings who you had me draw what seems like yesterday. HAVE A LOVE-FILLED DAY! Anita

  14. Aren't we having some great weather here in the PNW? It does get cool though in the mornings but warms up so nicely! Your family photos look great, love that last shot - how fun!!

  15. Where can I get a couple of cute pumpkins like you have in the wagon??So sweet !!!! I love the mums and pumpkins on the steps. xoxo,Susie

  16. Lynn, The family photos look great! Our 3 kids have grown up so fast, it's wonderful to have captured these moments to remember Fall! What a beautiful family you have. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see your new Fall flower arrangements! Thanks for stopping by with your lovely comment, always love hearing from you. Happy Friday!

  17. I'm doing my front entry way this weekend and hoping Costco has some Mums left!! I'm late to this party, but love your inspiration photo. Your little ones are adorable.

  18. Love fall....the greatest season. You certainly have a beautiful family!