Saturday, October 12, 2013

just one pic! i caved!

:: ici ::

this the dark...

i brushed!

i made a fresh face in the mirror,

smiling...and thinking...

...that four hour dinner last night with 

my girlies was the best!!

we laughed away every calorie!

on with my old comfy french terry sweats and out the door! the drive thru!

how could i have waited so long?

it was so worth it!

i'm home again...just popping in to 

remind you that it's

 "that time!"

and how very yummy, warm and welcoming "that time" is

once again!

here's to sips of simple pleasures!



  1. Yes, it IS!!!! I have sipped in pleasure nearly every afternoon this week while with Summer. I'm going home today. I will be back to counting calories and doing yoga and walking Lucy. Still! I've enjoyed every sip.......

  2. Lynne,
    Nel loves the spice latte and always gets one as soon as it comes out. I usually get the Americano because it's not as strong, but I will have to try the pumpkin spice latte now. You have my curiosity going.

    Have a happy weekend, and enjoy your coffee.


  3. Oh that spice latte sounds SO GOOD right now my dearest Lynne! The closest I came today to the taste of the season was PUMPKIN YOGURT!!!!!! I have a French teachers' meeting here in my house this morning and offered my colleagues a simple fare, but I had some pumpkin yogurt and they really loved it! But now it's time to get serious about the season's tastes....hmmmmm....pumpkin pie is just around the corner! HAVE FUN and thank you my dearest for visiting my post! Anita

  4. Ha! It's about time you caved!! It's been coffee weather here in the PNW and we need to keep (awake!) up our energy and surely we burn more calories in the cold.. ;) Sounds like a fun girls visit too! Enjoy your Sunday Lynne ~ xxleslie

  5. Oh, yeah! It makes it all the more special that you have to wait and look forward with anticipation.
    Yum! Don't you just love fall?

  6. Thanks for the reminder. I'm off tomorrow, think i'll have to visit my local *$ for a Spice latte.

    Linda C in Seattle