Monday, October 28, 2013

just one pic...

last Friday, on University Hill, at Brigham Young University.


i remember when i bought him the book Friday Night Lights.

he devoured it on a weekend between his high school studies, 

football, and his Fall baseball league.  

 i had hoped to share more images of "the grands" from this past 

weekend's Fall activities. the main event ended up occurring 

smack in the middle of Ben's nap time, so i stayed behind 

and cared for him while Jason, Chrislyn and Holland went on.  

 Ben and I had the sweetest time together. 

we sang, we played, and he gave me his biggest hugs so far!  

i was a bit disappointed that i didn't have the  

images that i intended to share today, but my 

one on one time with Ben was "the best"!

after i returned home from the kid's house, 

i popped onto facebook and saw the image of Jay above.

"just one pic!"

 ...a keeper image for the 
sports guy's mom...and...the sweetest 
memory from a Saturday afternoon with
 my littlest grand! 

let's hear it for my boys of Fall! 

enjoy the new week ahead!


i see November!



  1. What an amazing and proud moment for you! Sorry you had to miss it but happy you had such a lovely time with your grand-baby. These moments are so special!

    Have a wonderful Monday!! xoxo

  2. what special time you had + happy monday.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time Lynne. How fun to be a sports guys mom. Priscilla is done with her college sports " career " and this is the first Fall in 18 years that we haven't been following her, watching her play soccer or volleyball ... Miss that. Have a great day. We're having some lovely Seattle weather here today, loving that! Ciao, ciao!

  4. Your son is handsome. I bet you are proud of him...I sure would be. Lots of special hugs for the grandbaby's the best feeling. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. Man- What a handsome kid you grew there! I can tell you are just beamingly proud of him. Glad you had a nice weekend and enjoyed the grand baby, too. Hope you have a really good week! xo Diana

  6. Wonderful memories with your grandson and you must be so proud of your son. Sounds like a good weekend to me. Great photo of your handsome son!!

  7. Here's to the boys of fall!!
    Sometimes life's moments are too rich to stop for photographs. I am glad you savored every morsel.
    It was a great Saturday for the U here, and now one win away for the Red Sox. Woo-hoo...she said while holding her breath. :)
    Have a great day, love.