Monday, October 7, 2013


i reserved a copy for my bedside bibliothèque!

it's out on October 15th...

i need to read my self to sleep while

Mr D is away a couple of weekends in the near future. 

while he's away, i'm thinking of treating myself to a simple

pair of amimal print flats, although a classic

leopard print blouse could be fun too! 

by the way, NFL!...thanks for putting PINK on the field!

have a beautiful week! 

:: images sources can be found here and here!


  1. I'll have to get that little book;) I'm the same way.. I need to do some reading to help me relax and fall asleep. Re/ the NFL, I liked the pink on the field too but we were bummed with the Seahawk loss. Next time will be a win for sure! xxL

    1. It was a tough loss, Leslie...I still think that "safety" was a "TD". Gotta play better so one questionable call doesn't effect the outcome! GO HAWKS!

  2. the book sounds divine-must purchase one of my own + a great bed time read.

  3. Love a touch of animal print , shoes, accessories, cute sweater etc... especially in fall and winter!
    Have a great week Lynne!

  4. Pink Pumpkins! I will have to remember this.

  5. That little book looks like something I should have read before my trip to Paris, but I am definitely packing my leopoard print scarf! x Sharon

  6. Bonjour Lynne! You are in the pink, indeed, and so AM I! Thank you for this month of pure beauty! Anita

  7. Animal prints never go out of style, do they? I love that about them because it is so hard to keep up. Not that I even try.......