Thursday, October 10, 2013

up early, early, there's more Autumn in pink...random kale...

{mmmmmm....morning friends!
Mr D had to be to work early.
up at three...a shut down before dawn...a new server by sunrise!
i'm cozy under the quilt,
on the sofa with The Chocolate Gousse and my laptop,
the publish... then snuggle and snooze.}




when the hydrangeas fade...

:: ici ::

the kale comes to play.

:: ici ::

it's fresh and crisp...

... just like the Pacific Northwest Autumn air.

at first glance...i thought this was an image of

"those flower pens"!

pretty pink centers... seeds from White!

meet Victoria!

Ms D will be headed to Longbeach
  for the weekend. i am making
pink grapefruit and kale salad Friday night! 
...recipe here

:: ici ::

 inspirational images for the planter pots outside and

the center of the farm table...

:: ici ::

i'll meet you there with coffee on Monday morn'!

happy day after Humpday!
the week's end is ohhh so near! 

Go Cougs!

Go Hawks!



  1. Delicious photos. Have a wonderful day, me friend. xo Laura

  2. I love this decorative kale! AND THE COLORS! HI LYNNE! WIth love indeed, Anita

  3. Agree with Laura - ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS PHOTO'S! And the writing seemed poetically..if there is such a word? But it fit so perfect with the colors and edges of the kale,,which maybe doesn't make sense at all...hahaha!
    ~ Love, Nina !

  4. I love decorative kale and using it in arrangements is a favorite!!

  5. I too adore eating + decorating with Kale + great photos.

  6. Love the ornamental kale, the pink one is a favorite. They will be so pretty in pots on the porch. Enjoy your day...Ciao bella...

  7. All the photos are so pretty. I love the salad. We have had really cool morning around here. It's up in the 70's by 5:00. But little ones at the bus stops need a jacket or sweater, and lots of mommy hugs. xoxo,Susie

  8. What a gorgeous collection of photos-so unique. The salad sounds like a must try! I'm flying off to Newport Beach for the weekend to see family and meet up with a blogger, Tamera Beardsley.
    Enjoy your getaway!
    xx, Heather

  9. Love the pink ornamental kale! Have to get some...the salad sounds delicious!