Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Back to the fridge... Mr D is in the kitchen!

when i returned home from work tonight,

Mr D had rearranged the fridge.

he made duck breast jalapeno poppers, and skewered a few shrimp.

everything was ready for the grill as soon as i popped in the door!

not your ordinary Wednesday menu!

the dishes are done, a load of laundry is in and

i'm ready to curl up with a pillow and quilt on the sofa.

"celebrating the bounty of the season!"

nightie night, sweets!



  1. I love having a husband who cooks. He might like the duck breast jalapeno dish. I will share it with him.

  2. You have a keeper for a husband. Mine can make cereal. This looks delicious. I used to make duck and tell the children it was chicken. And lamb chops were pork. I was a terribly deceptive mother.


  3. Sweet man. I hope that you had a relaxing night!

  4. Enjoy Edible Seattle:) and snuggling up and relaxing for the evening. Your dinner sounds wonderful and how sweet of your husband to have such a wonderful meal waiting for you! xxL

  5. Now this is the way to come a ready-made meal, laundry done, and a quilt waiting for you! OH YEAH! Have a super day, Lynne! Anita

  6. what a sweet husband, + you curled up on the sofa + what a picture.

  7. Sounds like a lovely way to spend an evening. I hope you slept well. Hugs! Bonnie

  8. Sounds like that man is a gem! Have a great weekend, Lynne!

  9. What a wonderful surprise to come home to.