Friday, November 22, 2013

bonjour, Jack Frost! bonjour vert sirène!

good morning all!

when i woke up this morning it was 26 degrees in T-Town!


...g a s p !


u n b e l i e v a b l e !

mind you, Mr D has to be at the bus stop by 5:30!

:: ici ::

thank goodness i already packed our lunches of chicken and 

noodles, (left over from last night)!

with no time make it to the store, and back to brew,

 i defrosted my little "Commuter Corolla",

 and set out to visit the green mermaid. 

Friday's first at the drive-thru! 

 a first for me too!

 "one Venti and one Grande Mocha, please!"

(thinking...just enough for his commuter cup and the thermos!)

it was a perfect estimate, with two sips left for me!

he was surprised when he came downstairs.

"Lynne, you didn't have to do this!"

i casually said,

"no biggie, do you know that i was first in line?"

"i don't think that i have ever been the first customer of 

the day at Starbucks before!"

out the door he went...

...and here i am,

LOVING the fact that

Jack Frost has been hanging around 34th street for 

a few days now!

i am not proud that i pray for Jack to visit.

i ALWAYS request a couple of deep frosts at Thanksgiving,

for i am afraid of certain creatures that seem to 

prevail in the Fall.  

(rest in peace little crawly creatures.)

 next week, when the last bite of Turkey is 

consumed, and the last dish is dried, i will head down the 

stairs into the crawl space under the house,

to take my first peek at what lies ahead!

i can't hardly wait!

have a wonderful weekend, dear friends!



  1. Living in S CA, I do not get those winter lovelies + great photos.

  2. Wow! Thats so cold!! I need my coffee first thing too! I'm so happy you were first in line for your favorite cup. Awesome photos of Jack Frost!! Happy Friday!

  3. LOL, Lynne. (I can't remember if you have an e on the end of your name or not- and I don't see it anywhere on your blog-so today you are Lynn with an E)

    When I worked at the hospital (early shift) I was sitting there waiting for them to open at 5:30--always the first in line. That was nice of you to do that for hubby! xo Diana

  4. Oh you poor thing!! I couldn't IMAGINE being out of coffee! Glad all is well at your home now, loved the photos (what's up with the stairs one though? Brrrr). Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

  5. Inspire Me Heather said she couldn't IMAGINE being out of coffee. I on the other hand can't imagine living in the cold. But, your photos make it look so lovely.

  6. What a sweet thing you did for Mr. D. (and sips for you too). Sounds like you live in the perfect place with your love affair with Jack Frost. Gorgeous images!
    Happy weekend my friend!
    xx, Heather

  7. You are a rock star of a wife! Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  8. Beautiful Jack Frost photos and beautiful wife gesture... It was really sweet of you, and it was really sweet of Mr. 34th to say you didn't have to do that.



    I am so late here, all around! But this is an exciting time to get cozy! Enjoy it my dear, Anita

  10. Lynne, Gaaa don't go down there, into that dark scary place ....remind your sweet husband of this morning's coffee run...maybe he will go there for you.:):) Besides wouldn't it take a total ice age to do those creepy crawling things(spiders) in??? xoxo,Susie
    p.s. love the frost photos.

  11. I love this weather as long as I do not have to get out in ice or sleet, the frost is wonderful though!
    No, no, out of coffee in the morning, I would be in terrible shape!
    The Arts by Karena

  12. Hi Lynne! Yes.. it was 26 degrees in my yard this morning :} and VERY frosty out. Fortunately the roads aren't too bad as it's been so dry.

    No coffee?! Yikes! :):) Thank goodness for the drive through! Enjoy the weekend! xxleslie

  13. Oh Lynne,
    I have missed a couple of posts. My computer went out on me, and spent the whole weekend getting another computer and learning all about it. I had to comment on this post because it is so magical to me. I don't see the snow much here and it's beautiful to me. I love the snowy lantern, and aaahhhh, the rose.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Lynne, and enjoy your turkey!