Friday, November 15, 2013

French bread on Friday! random! untouched! the real deal!

hellooooo beautiful blog friends!

as you know, Mr D and i are up at 4:45 am on the weekdays.

i thought it might be fun to share some  untouched  "snaps" of  the

routine before Mr D heads out the door at 5:25!

it's clockwork!

caution! there was use of "flash"!

we do coffee right, here in the land of the mermaid!

...just enough left for one sandwich and two slices of toast!

Mr D likes grape jelly.

i love homemade raspberry jam. i need to make another 

batch soon.  my "back up" is always Bonne Maman!

i keep the necessities close at hand!

yes! i'm showing you the inside of our fridge!
( i know, the tomatoes and squash should be on the counter, but
most homes don't have a 100 lb Chocolate Lab roaming the
house all day! )

Mr D's holiday prosciutto arrived yesterday!

the kitchen sill is filled with

market fresh, in preparation to meet the big bird!

(...and my very first "selfie")...the "morning me",
completely unintended!)  i never, ever thought i would 
say the word "selfie!
never, never say never.

i love my mornings!

i'm feeling the greetings of the season... to get the garbage cans out to the curb!

have a great weekend!



  1. Warm and cozy! I love that pot of herbs. Would love for you to come by and link up to our blog hop. Happy Friday!!

  2. I love posts like this. You are showing true wonderful life.

    Your fridge just knocks my socks off. I'm thinking those clear bins would keep things from falling out when it gets too crowded.

  3. I read real and I ran over...but you, my friend, are always that, edited images or not.
    I keep my tomatoes and squash in the fridge too.
    Your selfie is great, and you made me laugh because I could SO relate to never thinking I'd use that word either. :)
    This post makes me feel like coming right over to the land of the mermaid and sharing a cup. BTW, Starbucks is having a BOGO holiday special this weekend...Share Joy. I think I'll add it to my current post.
    Enjoy, and have a beautiful weekend, love.

  4. WOW!! Your refrigerator is so neat. I probably have things growing at the back of mine. I spend my early mornings meditating and working on the computer for a couple of hours before heading into the kitchen. :)
    xo Laura

  5. Today on KLG and Hoda...they said it was national clean your fridge goodness. Yours looks nice. I clean my fridge all the time.:):) Yes, some good coffee to get the day rolling. Hope you have a great weekend.xoxo,Susie

  6. You and Mr. D are troopers for getting up that early. 8:00 is early enough for me. You've just reminded me that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas...thank goodness that's just a table to be decorated and food to be made. And for that I'm grateful!!


  7. Wonderful pictures make me hungry. Thanx for visiting my Blog.

    God bless.

  8. I love real mornings of real people! I can just picture you there with your hubby- xo Diana

  9. Lynne,
    Your random pictures made me smile today because pictures of this and that are actually my favorite pictures. I do a post called "just because" every now and then, and it shows pictures that speak to my heart in some way. That is so nice that you make homemade raspberry jam. I haven't had homemade jam in so long. I love the Starbucks picture, and my favorite picture is the first one with the red phone on the wall and the table in the background. It shows the warm lighting and makes your home look so cozy.

    Enjoy the weekend, Lynne.


  10. i love the early AM pictures, enough already with the touched up photos! this makes you so real + your fridge is so tidy, mine is a mess!

  11. Glad to know someone is on the 4:45 a.m. shift so I don't have to be. :) When I taught school, I used to say the kids in second period class always learned more than the ones in first period when I was sleep-walking/teaching.

    Enjoyed a slice of real-life from you...


  12. My dear dear Lynne! I am super late here because we too leave very early in the mornings, but parent conferences and other duties have caused me to be very tired....I could not catch up to your posts this week! LOVE! Anita

  13. This is one of my FAVORITE posts!!! Loved catching that glimpse of you! I am so NOT a morning person but I am happy for YOU! I would imagine you both have to go to bed on the early side!

  14. Lovely, thanks for sharing! 100 pound Labrador? Ah well, the tomatoes are safer in the cold box!
    And speaking of the refrigerator I better go spruce up mine...Feeling guilty!!
    Bye for now,
    P.S. A red phone? OOOOooohhh! Santa?