Saturday, November 16, 2013

just one pic! a few morning thoughts...keeping in touch.

i loved my market fresh window sill image from yesterday's 

post, so i made it my banner for the rest of the month!


i know everyone is busy, busy out there!

i am back in my cleaning a purging mode.

last week, phase one, was about taking stuff to

the dump. today's the day to gather for my favorite charities.

(some things will be hard to let go.)


i must make a decision between 

Benjamin Moore 

then... i will be on a painting frenzy!

i hope to have three rooms painted by the

end of the day on Saturday next!

as i purge around the house,

i will only gather virtually for now.

my thoughts of Christmas must remain on the back

burner so i can take in Fall's

field to table bounty. it's so absolutely beautiful!

happy weekend!  



  1. Grâce and beauty to you in your painting choices and how it all turned out. Love your market basket filled with freshness.
    As for the thoughts of Christmas, I will be looking forward to what you create.
    Thank you dear one for sharing your comment on my list in best regards to our little Pia Bleu. She is just a hand full, yet a wonderful sparkle of joy.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your paint job.



  2. You go girl! I love your new banner!!


  3. Your new banner is cute. I like all your gourds. Hope your Sunday is wonderful and blessed. xoxo,Susie

  4. I have not turned on my computer all weekend! love the banner + good luck on the painting. Happy Monday to you.

  5. You have inspired me! I began cleaning out bathroom cabinets. Love the banner!

  6. Lynne, I know that your Fall colors up there are spectacular! You have been a busy lady, now painting… It feels so good to freshen things up, no painting for me but also been donating things which we really don't need… Enjoy your day and your projects!
    XOXO Mary