Monday, November 11, 2013

mission Saturday one, accomplished? here's the recap!

on Saturday, i felt like i was in a episode of "Hoarders".
( i have never watched the show, it's title most likely defines it!)

some of you warned me!

"once you start, you won't be able to 

finish until every closet is done." 

 i made good progress until i found a box in the bottom 

of Jay's closet. three out of the six hours that i spent 

cleaning and purging on Saturday was spent SHREDDING!

(i think that we have the very first shredder that hit the market. it handles about three sheets of paper at a time.)

 remember the checkbooks that had carbon copies in them?

the kids used them while they were in college.

there were old payroll stubs dated back to high school.

there was all kinds of college related stuff. 

why was i hanging onto this stuff?

no...for posterity's sake, is not my excuse.

with the shredder fired up, i stepped off track

for a bit, and cleared our files as well.

the paper purge is complete!


i must confess that there is likely another five hours needed to 

finish what i started on Saturday.  

i just finished today's hour. i plan to keep on track

so i will be ready for Mission "WHITE", next Saturday!

(the Hunter boots did not work out, but i am on to

an alternate plan.) 

here's a snap of our little Red Ranger on this misty,

rainy Monday morning.

i feel great!

i'm ready to hit the shower and head for

 the office. Mr D,(my sweet vet), is home for Veteran's Day!

May God bless them all! 



  1. Great progress. It does feel fantastic doesn't it? We use a shredder now too. When I think of all the documents we just threw away, many years ago, all with our ss# on hem! I cringe.

  2. In almost 40 years of marriage ex-RAF flyboy and I have moved so many times you would think I'd learn to 'purge'...I do EVERY TIME and somehow it comes back tenfold...I have given to the kiddies their photos, artwork and assorted souvenirs...Given more bags to Charity shoppes I ever imagine, and yet here it is...back to shredding this week...and then a room at a time...again...before the Holidays...again...
    The one spot we NEVER touch...our bookshelves! Everything else can go - at least of mine...hubby says hands off his stuff...but here and there a few of HIS things have comforted a lesser blessed person than he...Never mind, he does not remember...Senior moments I tell him...
    Thanks for the chuckle!

  3. It feels so good to be organized doesn't it…. Funny, the things we keep… Happy Monday Lynne.
    XOXO Mary

  4. Lynne,
    Oh, there's the little red ranger. I'm sure my husband misses that truck. You got so much done this weekend. It always feels better when we eliminate the things we don't need or use any more. One of my favorite sayings is "out with the old, in with the new" haha. I've watched the episode of Hoarders, and let me tell you, it is a show you won't soon forget. I like to see the transformation at the end. Keep going, my friend - you are encouraging me to get started on some things too.


  5. That type of work is tortuous, but an amazing accomplishment once it's completed! Congrats!

  6. Good for you- I did the same thing a few months ago and it felt SOOOO good! I think I need to do a minor "clean up" again. God bless our veterans indeed! xo Diana

  7. It does feel good to purge the closets and drawers, doesn't it!

    I remember doing this as well with documents so old.....BRAVO MA BELLE! Anita

  8. I am imagining you have such a good feeling of accomplishment! I burned a bunch of paper debris in our outdoor fire pit once. There is always so much to do to keep a home up. Sometimes it is overwhelming! I just de-decorated the dining room. As much as I love fall I think I am ready for a change of season. LOVE your little red truck!!

  9. Now that it is actually bearable to be in the attic, I need to get up there and just do it.

    Great job on your purge!

  10. Yikes!! Why didn't the Hunter boots work out? I just ordered myself a pair online from Costco (actually I had to have my daughter do it since she's Costco and I'm Sams).

  11. Inspiration!!! Oh I have so much to shred!