Friday, November 8, 2013

mission Saturday...phase one!

hellooooo Friday!

i am SO GLAD that you are here!

hugs to all my workmates!

it's been REAL and we are AWESOME!

prayers for the very sick folks that crossed

our lives this week...


Mr D will be gone hunting and foraging once again. 

he leaves tonight will return tomorrow night.


this morning, before he left for work, i asked him... 

"honey, would you please back the "pick up" truck...

(we have a little ole' 1997 Red Ranger pick up that 
he uses to commute to the park and ride.)

...up to the garage tonight before you leave?"

there is something that you all don't know about me.

i have never driven a stick shift!

i know! 

...and i'm a boomer!

smile if you will! 

it's OK.

:: ici ::

i am going to spend most of Saturday purging the 

garage and Jay's old room!  i'm on a mission to be 

holiday ready by December 1!

:: ici ::

i have scheduled six hours for this mission!

and when it's 3:00, i am going to stop and

head for the shower and a little pampering.

i can visualize myself singing...

:: ici ::

when i am clean and pretty,  i'm going to seek the deal of the week!

Costco has Hunter's at the store for $75.00.

they are on line for $79.00!


 ... our beloved Nordy's is price matching some of the colors!

(my beautiful daughter clued me in at the beginning of the week!)

my next mission, phase two, will be white!

have a great weekend!



  1. how fabulous you are going to be + look + don't worry about the stick shift, i learned on a 1936 Lincoln + it took me a while to learn.

  2. I learned on a stick shift and drove them for many years, but no more. Done with that. Have fun pampering and shopping when you are done with the purging. xo Laura

  3. Happy weekend, Lynne! I don't drive a stick shift either so don't feel bad. My husband is away this week too - I used it as on opportunity to purge my closet.

    Have a good one! xoxo

  4. I love a gal with a PLAN!!! I don't drive a stick shift either......

  5. Busy , busy lady… good to have a plan. Enjoy it all…
    Ciao bella…

  6. Oh, you are on a mission. 6 hours- I hope you don't tire yourself out so you will be too tired to shop.

    My daughter has the Hunter's in eggplant.

  7. Oh Lynne, this song 'What A Wonderful World' holds a special place in my heart with a story attached to it. It's nice to have free time to ourselves to do the things we need to do and love to do. Funny, my husband used to have a red ranger truck, and guess what? I learned how to drive on a stick shift, can you imagine?

    Have fun this weekend getting prepared for the Christmas season. IT IS a Wonderful World, isn't it?


  8. Oh I like Mr. Morris' quote! Now if I can just bring myself to do this!!
    It is a wonderful world indeed, I just don't want Christmas to be here too soon!
    God bless,

  9. I so love that quote and never get tired of reading it.
    I am on the same track to be decorated for Christmas by Dec. 1st also. (fingers crossed).
    Have fun getting you new boots..such a deal.
    Have a wonderful weekend, friend. xo

  10. I wish you good luck ridding the garage of stuff. I got myself some of the mud boots last year and only worn them once...I thought I needed them. Now that song is on my head...but hey it's a good one. What a wonderful world. Blessings , xoxo,Susie

  11. Sounds like a great plan to me.
    I've always loved that William Morris quote.
    Enjoy it all, my friend. While the kids are off to their homecoming game (UM vs VT) tomorrow, Mr G and I will be home grilling and watching on TV. I might attempt those Limoncello cupcakes after all.
    Have a great weekend, love.

  12. Have fun purging -haha! I can't believe you have never driven a stick shift. lol You ought to teach yourself while hubs is gone just to surprise him. lol I hope you have a good night and weekend-xo Diana

  13. I hope you have a great day purging, I love to do a good clean out and it is always CRAZY because once I start every room, closet etc has to be done.

    Thanks for the Hunter Wellie tip, I am going tomorrow!

    Have a great weekend, Elizabeth

  14. Oh by the way...I do not drive stick shift either, that must be why my husband suggested recently he needs a Porsche.

  15. Darling Lynne, I KEEP MISSING YOUR POSTS! Love those boots! Anita

  16. I love the cathartic feel that comes from a good purge!! Have fun...I need to do the very same in my garage.
    I learned to drive on a stick shift and insisted both my children learn as well. It's so fun once you get the hang of it.

  17. Oh I need to do a lot of purging. It feels so good when completed. Enjoy!

  18. Lynne dear, it looks like you have a lovely mix of accomplishing, purging and pampering this weekend. How fun. Those boots are fab by the way. Perfect for little weekend adventures to come. Just caught your post on the red cups at Starbucks...funny I never quite knew how intentional the red is for Starbucks...learned something new.
    xx, Heather

  19. Good for you! I hope you had a quite successful mission. Wish I lived in a place where I could wear such boots.

    Have a lovely fall week!


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