Thursday, December 5, 2013

December's pink post...I N T E R R U P T E D !

yesterday morning, i had just settled down with my coffee 

to put together December's pink post when...

learn to make snow flakes here!

...the phone rang!

it was Mr D!

his little Red Ranger truck broke.

it was 23 degrees outside!

still in my slippers, and yoga pants, i headed outside to defrost

my commuter Corolla. by the time i reached Mr D,  a

WONDERFUL samaritan helped him push the troubled truck

to a safe place.

we have roadside service on our cell phones.

all we had to do was touch four little numbers... was on the way.

we had  it towed back to 34th Street.

Mr D stayed home, i headed to the shower and on to the office.

Mr D's 1995 Red Ranger... and a memory.

when i popped onto facebook at lunch, sentimental Mr D had

made a few posts.  the little truck holds so many memories for him.

we have thought about selling it, but it's perfect for his short commute

 to the park and ride, where he takes the LONG commute to the

University of Washington every day.  it's nice for the occasional "haul",

and saves wear and tear on the "Expo"!

when i returned from work last night the truck was missing.

our dear friend Ernie came by to take it to his place for a fix!

it needs a new clutch.  a minor fix, to keep filling that silly little

pick up with more memories like...

(Sing) Sing a song
(Sing) Sing a song of songs
(Sing) Sing it out
Sing it strong
(Sing, sing, sing, sing)
Yeah, yeah

Saving Silverman

and lot's of Neil Diamond, while

driving our son to college in Texas ten years ago.

Sing it LOUD!

Holly Holy!

Saving the Red Ranger!

(this one's for you,  my sentimental Mr D!)

now, back to pink !

it's a busy month! don't forget to check!

(thank you, thank you, thank you, to the good samaritan,

Josh the tow truck driver and our dear Ernie!)


:: images from PINK RIBBON here!


  1. I would think it would be hard to part with all of the memories that little red truck holds for you. Glad it was an easy fix, Thanks for the reminder, sweet friend. xo Laura

  2. Your Husband's little red truck does hold special memeories. I hope it can be saved. My husband has 220, 000 miles on his red truck...he says he's getting 300, 000 or more.. sometimes when it acts up I get a big sick feeling in my tummy. I keep saying you need to price some trucks or go look at least. But he gets things fixed or fixes them himself. I wish I could get a photo of a blue rusty chevy truck in our town..gaaa it's rusting before our eyes but chugging along. Funny at times. Hug your sweety for all of us, we don't want him to be sad. xoxo,Susie

  3. I love this story. This is about "real" life, isn't it? Happy Holidays to you and your family, my friend.
    Happy Pink !!

  4. I love this story, your husband's sentimentality for his truck AND your pink! Thanks for making me smile!! xoxo

  5. My truck is named Hi Ho Silver so I know from winch you speak + so glad it could be fixed(I am sure you all were) In the Pink!

  6. Sounds cold! Glad hubby found a good Samaritan!
    Lovely pink Christmas decorations (oh the shoes!!)
    Keep warm,

  7. Good evening, Lynne! Well, talk about COLD....we are below zero out here with lots of snow and the driving is awful. But how cozy it is inside! LOVE ALL THE PINK!

  8. Oh no, the Red Ranger has broken down! I do hope it gets fixed soon. So nice that your husband has special memories of this truck. I also have memories of my husband driving his Red Ranger and smiling every time I saw him coming up the driveway.

    Loved all the Pink pictures today, Lynne. Happy Friday.


  9. We have a white Ranger that has seen its share of history here, too., It needs new tires and has a few wonky things about it but just keeps chugging along. However it IS newer than yours by ONE WHOLE YEAR!;>) I love it this time of year when I want to haul greens and other things in it. Hope yours is fixed soon and road ready- xo Diana

  10. So sorry to hear the little red truck has problems, but I did spy the Christmas tree in its bed when it was feeling better. Hope the problems are fixed quickly so that more great memories can be made this Christmas season.

    Love the pink heels with the little satin bows on the back! Reminds me of pair of navy shoes with red grosgrain bows on the backs that I own. Years ago while teaching a trig class in which I was deep into a complicated explanation, a student raised his hand. I thought he had a question about the trig lesson. But, no, he said, "Did your shoes come with those bows or did you paste them on?" Obviously, I was not as spellbinding as a teacher as I bows on shoes made a bigger impact. LOL


  11. I hope the little Red truck can be fixed.

    KOMO says it is going down to 16 tonight here.

  12. Ive missed u so much … I've just got to get back to blogging ..sigh

    and I adore your little red truck … xoxoxo

  13. How wonderful to hear about a man being sentimental!! I have one of those, myself!
    I love the truck!

  14. What a sweet story of you, Mr. D. and that nostalgic red truck. I love the red...the it all my friend. A sentimental man is a good thing-as we know. Keep merry making my dear!
    Love this,
    xx, Heather