Tuesday, December 17, 2013

merry birthday to you!




merry birthday to you!

on Sunday, i hung the beautiful Paris inspired banner that you 

sent home with Mr D as an early birthday surprise for me!

it shimmers like the city of lights that it portrays.

thank you!

i love it!

 this is going to be the best year of  laughter, hugs 

and tears through joy with you, yet, my friend!

our son's will once again  embrace new rolls in their lives.

...from short stop and centerfield, to college roommates,

 to the world's mountain tops and television sports...

... soon to be reunited once again as groom, and 

best man for his best friend!  


oh...and one more thing!

thank you for introducing Chrislyn to the love of her life!  

today wouldn't be today without you!

(does that sound a bit George Baileyesque?)

you are darn right it does!

(we wouldn't have Holland and Ben!)

hmmmm...no wonder you are a December babe!

i am blessed...

we are blessed...

to the best friendships of life!



  1. Happy Happy Birthday to Alice. She sounds like someone wonderful in your life. Gotta love those December peeps (being one myself) -lol Happy week to you, Lynn! xo Diana

  2. That is a great tribute to your friend. Oh Dec. babies some times get a bit cheated on parties and gifts. My daughter Angie was born in Dec...I try to make her day a happy one. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. A lovely post for you friend. It sounds like you are both pretty lucky. Bonnie

  4. YOU ARE BLESSED, LYNNE! And so am I, for I have lovely blogging friends around the world that care. HAPPY CHRISTMAS, JOYEUX NOËL! Anita