Tuesday, December 10, 2013

just a little random 34...our table is full, our life is good!

hellooo darling, darlings!

in blogland, i am loving the mix of everything decked and beautiful,

and...those that have perhaps bitten off a little more than

they can chew, ( like me ).  

embrace it or tackle it!

 it's all OK!

Ben's "rookie of the year" first birthday party...

 the past few days our family has been on the fast track! 

Chrislyn cooked all day Friday, and Saturday. 

Ben's party was wonderful. everyone left well fed and loved!

Sunday, brought a lovely wedding shower and dinner for the 

daughter of some good friends. 

(...and sadly a loss to the 49 'ers.)


 on Sunday night, i said...

i need to get to the office to rest.  this does NOT mean that

i am lazy at work. at the present, work is the only place in my 

life that is in good order. the rest is what i call

organized chaos. 

Jay flew in and out of Seattle to cover Boise State's Coach 

Pete, accepting his new roll as head coach at the University of 

Washington. our schedules totally conflicted. since Mr D works

at the U-Dub, he popped outside for quick a curbside visit, as 

Jay was travelling to and from the stadium. 

 this will be our first Christmas Day without Jay.

it's both bitter and sweet.

 he will be headed across "the Pacific"...

...to cover Boise State at the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl. 

i think those of us that have been deep freezing it

 here in "the other 49" would love to be there for Christmas.  

Mele Kalikimaka, Jay!

(sing it with Bing...here!)

this morning...in the dark...the farm table at the 

heart of our home is piled high!

the new carpet arrives tomorrow at 8 am.

my girlfriend Alice is bringing champagne!

ahhhh sipping sweet morning Champagne, with Alice!

too cool!



  1. I love your post and you have a beautiful family. MY daughter says that food is always better with a full table. Happy Holidays my friend.

  2. Ummmm...You are gonna be sipping morning champagne BEFORE you go to work? Hellloooooooo-
    Have a wonderful day- I know you will be missing your boy on Christmas Day- xo Diana

    1. Ohhhhh Sweet D!
      If work or driving is in the equation...there will be no champagne...I gave my supervisor a heads up that I most likely will not be in tomorrow. It's likely to be a chaotic day.

  3. Oh poor Jay, those horrible job assignments. Wowwee-wow-wow !! I bet Jay is super excited. You must be so very proud of him. I sure would be. Your daughter's family is beauitful. Love the birthday party. I know what you are saying about resting...LOL I use to feel the exact same way...just to rest. Take care , xoxo,Susie

  4. It looks like ALL IS RIGHT in your world, Lynne, and that is a glorious thing, indeed.

    Enjoy the season, dear.


  5. There is nothing like a full table! Glad you are enjoying the season. I completely understand the need to go to work to rest. I feel the same way sometimes too.

  6. Oh my goodness Lynne, your plate is bountifully full right now-with lovely things for certain. You've been on my mind as I have been wrapping and packing your beautiful little purchases for the trip to your home. They ship out tomorrow first thing. I so enjoy your blog and all the fun you share. I hope you love the goodies coming your way.
    Cheers darling,
    xx, Heather (ps-morning champagne-fun! ;)

  7. Precious Lynne! I seem to be the late guest lately in Blogland! Oh how happy is your territory! Big hugs for another super day to you! Anita

  8. You know what today is? Carpet DAY!!!! Followed soon by furniture day!!!! Can't wait to see all of it. Loved the football themed pee wee party. :)

    May it all go perfectly!

  9. I hear ya, Lynne. I've been so busy at the office this week, but somehow bookkeeping, marketing, client calls, and invoicing are like a well-oiled machine to me. :) It's a good balance.
    I hope my tags have reached you by now, love. I mailed them out Saturday. That another good balance for me. So much happening with my tags and a local art group so I had to switch things up a bit with my page...reflect more of my heart. Call it the final destination. teehee
    Enjoy that champagne...mimosa for me. YUM.

  10. My mom use to say "the best times are full" seems like your full is busy. Happy Wednesday! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  11. Definitely "full" at your house. I love full!

  12. You will NEVER have another Christmas season like THIS one!!! It would be impossible so roll with it - just exactly the way you are doing!! Great memories of 'THAT year!' to come!

  13. Hi Lynne, Wow! Never a dull moment right? I know what you mean when you say work is the quiet place;) Yep.. bummer about the 49er's (we could have lost to another team so it could have been worse) What a party at the top! I love that sort of pandemonium;) Congrats to Jay!!! Have fun today! If it begins with champagne you are off to a great start. I'm hosting a party tonight .. so I'll be doing a little sipping myself! xxleslie