Saturday, December 7, 2013

just a wee bit of Christmas, and...he's the "one"!

i am going to be honest.

life is beyond crazy here on 34th street!

yesterday, i had a minor routine medical procedure.

no worries needed!

there are only a few hints of  holiday cheer

residing here... being the Poinsettia that my father traditionally

gifts to me on Thanksgiving Day!

thank you, Dad! 

i love you!

the new carpet will be installed on Wednesday.

the new furniture will be delivered the following 

Wednesday.  with all of the chaos, the Christmas boxes

will remain under the house until the carpet is installed.  

i made a new Advent calendar this year.

it was not intended for the chandie, but that's where it landed.

it was the only safe place, since i was informed 

that EVERYTHING  is to be moved out of the

living room.   the pictures, the wall clock and plates on the walls

 in the living room and dining room are stored safely up in the 


they tell me that the walls are going to vibrate!

(i have to break a promise to a blog friend today.

i was going to shoot an image of a metal plate display that 

i sprayed white in the Summer of 2012.

when Mr D was off with the broken truck, he started packing

things away.

i will shoot it and post it in the first daylight after the 

carpet is installed.)  

the chandie was the perfect choice with the circumstances 

Christmas  2013.   

the farm table needed a quick fix after last Sunday's

Thanksgiving dinner.  i grabbed some of my favorite

French linen and ribbon and made this simple statement. 

the five - minute - fix is kind of growing on me, especially as the 

days of Advent gather to flourish!  






we are celebrating Ben's first birthday today!

he is the happiest baby boy that i have ever met!

 i call him Mr Smiles!


December 7, 1941.

before i go, i wish to link you to one of my dear blog friends, Noelle.

her post on this day says it all. 



  1. Oh, it does sound like there is a lot going on at your house this year.

    I love the simple pillow with the ribbon. You have inspired me with an idea for a simple Christmas pillow.

  2. I do hope all is well with you.
    How fun to get a new look for the house right before the Holidays!
    A big Happy 1st Birthday to your precious Ben..such a little doll. xo

  3. Simple is perfect. Can't believe Ben is already a year old. Happy birthday to him. xo Laura

  4. Beautiful photos!! Glad you are okay! Decorations will wait. Health is more important. AND getting lots of new STUFF is awesome!!! Can't wait to see it ALL!!!

  5. HOW could I forget to comment on Mr. SMILES??? He is adorable! Love it that he's in a basket! Your daughter and baby grand look like a famous painting......

  6. I do hope all is well! The advent calendar is just lovely and the pillow called my attention!
    I was so enthralled by Mr. Smile, I almost miss the mention, thank you!

  7. Lynne,
    The Poinsettia is beautiful, and so special that your Father gave it to you. I love to have the Poinsettia around the house at this time of year. And your Advent calendar is a lovely idea. Sounds like you are so busy, but still enjoying this glorious season.

    Enjoy the weekend!


  8. Oh, Happy Birthday to your dear Grandson. May his day be filled with lots of fun and love.


  9. Oh your grand baby is adorable. We are expecting our first in May. I love the Advent calendar. You are so creative. We have been iced in for the last two days; this is not good for someone who hasn't entered a store Christmas shopping. It will happen! I hope you are having a grand weekend.

  10. Oh I'm so late for the birthday party! LYNNE! Look at that smile! And you certainly have a lot going on at your house, but aren't ya gonna love it when it's done? Entering a new year with a fresh, new home.


  11. Your grandson is the sweetest - happy birthday to him and a speedy recovery to you and your house! x Sharon

  12. Wow you have been one busy lady!! That Ben is a cutie pie...hope you are well. Busy days have not allowed me to make the blogrounds like I used to but I hope after the holidays things will settle down...wishing you the happiest of holidays!

  13. I love that your father gives you a flower. So sweet and special. I think your decorations look very nice. I bet you are excite for new carpet and furniture. I love the little boy in saddle shoes..ahh.xoxox,Susie

  14. Happy Birthday to Ben! What a smile:)

    It sounds like you've got lots on your plate. Hopefully the installation of the carpet will go smoothly and the furniture will arrive (and be perfect!) on time and then you can enjoy some of the holiday festivities.

  15. Lynne you have sooo much going on this holiday season! I love your advent calendar!
    Ben is just adorable, I know he brings you much joy!

    The Arts by Karena