Monday, December 23, 2013

our town...where all elves come home for Christmas and stay 'til they are dispatched to your homes for more "elfishness", next year...and...a change in Jay's game plan!


 that was my longest post title to date!



"where are you headed, Buddy?"

let's go via 34th street!

our very first Christmas ornament. given to me, by Mr D's mom
at one of my bridal showers over 40 years ago.

Jay called after the news last Monday night.

"Mom,  Ryan will cover the Hawaii Bowl.

i'll be home for Christmas breakfast!"


on Tuesday morning, at my desk...

   you can count on me!

our tree holds our history...
the little elephants are from our very first Christmas tree, forty years ago. 

i made them from scraps in a craft box that i packed from Seattle to Fort Campbell, 
Kentucky, where Mr D was stationed after the Viet Nam war.  he was drafted. the war ended
 while he was in basic training. i still thank God  for sparing him a trip to Nam. Mr D's 
Christmas gift to me was a real Douglas Fir tree.  mine to him was the little handmade
 elephants. we made hand poured candles in jelly jars for our families, and mailed them home.   

the coffee will brewing...

the cider will be warming...

the cinnamon rolls will go in...

recipe here!

...and the last loaf of biscotti will be sliced and oven toasted.

(our special blend of Christmas morning potpourri that
 signals the arrival of Santa.)

(when the kids were home, we had the rolls and 
biscotti with coffee and hot chocolate while 
opening the presents!)

after the gifts, the biscuits would go in, 

while the sausage gravy was, as Mr D always says,

"made with love".

this year, there will be little change of tradition.

Jay's flight is scheduled to arrive at Sea-Tac at 9:20 am. 

while Mr D is picking him up at the airport,

i'll prepare the B & G to be ready at 10!

(...hoping his flight is on time.)

we will have an open house from 2 'til 5pm, when Mom,

 Dad, Chrislyn, Jason and the "Grands" arrive for  

gifts and dinner after dark! 


at dark, Buddy and the elves will be home 

in their cubbiessafe and warm,

not too far from our little place here on 34th street!

...and you thought they all lived with 

Mr and Mrs C at the North Pole!

two more sleeps!!!



Merry Christmas!



  1. This post made me smile!!! I am so happy for you that your son will arrive in time for Christmas!!

    Have a beautiful and joyous Christmas!!! xoxo

  2. Lynne, I love hearing about your memories and traditions. The ornaments are adorable. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas filled with love…
    Buon Natale, XOXO Mary

  3. Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family! It sounds as if your are going to spoil them, as it should be at this time of year.

    So happy to have discovered you and your talents.thank you for always making my day.


  4. Happy Christmas to you and your family Lynne!!