Wednesday, December 25, 2013

the kindergarten angels!

Chrislyn and Jay's kindergarten angels have topped our 

tree for 26 and 25 years.  every year, when i place them on 

the tree, i  am reminded of children singing...

"Angels We Have Heard On High"!

last night, when i added the Tour Eiffel,  i heard the children

singing my favorite French Christmas Carol! i learned the words

in my high school French class. it's beautiful, and so is 

the top of our tree!

Il est ne, le divin Enfant,
Jouez, hautbois, resonnez, musettes;
Il est ne, le divin Enfant;
Chantons tous son avenement!

Jeannie,  la Tour Eiffel and the pretty curled sparkly burlap

flourish made it to the top!  thank you for your lovely

and ohhhh so thoughtful gifts!

 it's Christmas!

hear the angels sing!

Merry Christmas!

Joyeux Noel!



  1. May the spirit of Christmas bring us
    love, hope and peace! you !!!..thanks for your friendship !!! !!

  2. Good Christmas morning my dear-not a creature is stirring so I'm taking a few moments to catch up with all the beauty and loveliness here. Your sweet ornaments-steeped in memories and history-are wonderful. I love reading the stories of your family and your Mr D. Enjoy every moment of this merry day (I can almost smell the B & G) and the new sofas are fab!!
    Merry, merry xx

  3. Merry Christmas to you! Being a preschool teacher it makes me smile to see the artwork saved and displayed. I hope you are having an amazing day with your family. Bonnie

  4. Merry Christmas and Joyeux Noël. Love the Eiffel Tower tree topper...

    I hope you and your family have had a wonderful Christmas Day.


  5. Il est né, bien sûr! Voilà la raison pour laquelle on fait la fête!
    Lynne ma chère, I've been in sunny California with limited internet access, and I want to come now to thank you for coming to my post and for commenting on my drawings! If you are ever interested in another drawing, you know where to find me! Big hugs and joy for a Happy New Year! Anita

  6. Lynne,
    The Kindergarten angels made my heart sing, as there's nothing more special than a gift from a child, especially a handmade one. I still have Nel's Christmas angel that she made, and I put it on top of a little tree that I have with other special homemade ornaments. I hope your Christmas was a jolly one, and I will see you in the New Year, my friend.


  7. Hi Lynne & Mr D
    I am so glad you enjoyed your tower (I'm sure Mr D rolled his eyes at that one) the burlap twist and all the rest! I wish you and all your family a Merry Christmas.. Thank you so much for the beautiful grapes paper weight, it is so pretty, I have never seen anything like it ! Lynne you are a great shopper! Enjoy the time off work, being with the babies, and Happy New Year to every one.. If you see Ernie tell him and his family I wish them all the best also.