Monday, December 2, 2013

this morning, on the farm table is a clue to what lies ahead...and lovin' on my blog friends!

yesterday was our Thanksgiving.

without going into detail, it was amazing.

Mr D and i cooked enough to send each parting family with a

shopping bag filled with left overs.

Holland Grace helped me load the bags.

we played counting games as we packed.

she is so polite and gracious. her mommy and daddy have

done such a lovely job teaching her social graces.

this morning i tossed the mini white pumpkins into 

the yard waste bin. 

Good Bye, Autumn 2013!

it's time to set the stage for WINTERPLAY!

the table was cleared for only a moment

before i filled it with the next project.

we have been looking at sofa's for two years. we finally 

made a decision. Mr D could not grasp my slip covered white 

vision, so we compromised.

you all know how i love the greige tones of natural linen.

i have always been intrigued with the intricate, subtle 

herringbone jacquard found in French natural textiles. 

 i seek the detail, and

have collected a few pieces over the years.

going neutral will allow me to change the accents and 

accessories with the seasons.

Chrislyn gifted me this adorable pillow cover that she found at H & M.
she reads me like a book, doesn't she?

i'll start decking all of the house except the living room.

installation of carpet and delivery of furniture

should be complete before the family

traditional tree cutting on the 14th!


before i go, i wish to thank God for putting me in the virtual

 company of such lovelies as you. i don't talk about 

faith on my blog much, but perhaps i should.

since most of us fly in similar patterns, you likely know 

about this weekend's miracle. if not, you may visit Diana's

post here. i know when i speak about my blogs friends, i 

sometimes get a look or reaction like i'm a kid with 

imaginary friends.

"aren't you worried that these people could
be dangerous...dishonest?"

i answer...

"my blog friends are extra ordinary,
 brilliant and oh so caring, just like you"

bloggers blessed are we, a life saved!



  1. Lynn, I am ever so happy to be your friend....and I will not stalk you ,promise. It is true of the blessing at Nana Diana's this weekend. It proves we can help people we don't know personally. xoxo,Susie

  2. I am a new follower. I am so glad that I found your blog. I love it all . My kind of blog. Thanks for inspiring me today and I look forward to all the future visits here. Thanks and have a blessed day . Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl.

  3. I think in the blogging world, just as in the "real"face to face world we gravitate to kindred spirits. We may not always agree with everything, but we are all friends in the strongest sense of the word. I feel blessed to have you as one of mine. xo Laura

  4. Good evening my dear, dear Lynne! I must have left super early this morning since I missed this post! Oh, let the games and fun begin NOW! Don't you just love the art that comes out of such celebrations?

    Thank you for your wonderful comment tonight my dear. Seeing your kind words really makes my day/evening. See you again soon! LOVE!! Anita

  5. Lynne dear, What beauty and loveliness abound here. Your new furnishings, lovely holidays and this sweet story of the beauty of connections and 'all things working together for good' for this sweet little one. Touching post!
    xx, Heather

  6. Some of those other bloggers may be imaginary, but I'm real. :) Oh, wait, maybe I am imaginary....I live in a magical fairyland in a Texas garden shed.

    Thanks so much for the update on Diana's sweet grandson. Hopped over to leave her a comment, too.

    Would you adopt me and send me home with a big bag of leftovers?

    As always, I found your words comforting, inspiring, uplifting, and REAL.


  7. You are right - Diana's story is a miracle of blogging that needs to be shared. My family/husband think it's funny when I mention my bloggy friends, too, but I had to share that story with them! Praise God.

  8. what a miracle Diana's story was + hopped over to read about her grandbaby + then left a message + god bless blogging + that's how I met you + love that grey fabric!

  9. I had not read about Diana's miracle. Blogging friends are real, although my husband does give me a funny look when I talk about them. The warm and loving women I've connected with through blogging are precious.
    On another note...I love your neutral decor ideas. I did talk my husband into white Slipcovers and they are a lot of extra work...with my dogs, especially.

  10. I just e-mailed you, Lynne, without having read this post. Your sentiments about the blogging world echo mine exactly. Thanks for sharing Diana's heart warming story. I love being part of this amazing community!

    It sounds like your home will be lovingly and gorgeously decorated for the holidays - I am looking forward to seeing photos!


  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with family, Lynne. Love the color palette , neutral is great, changing things with the seasons is my cup of tea too. Your blog friends appreciate you too :)…
    Ciao bella!