Thursday, December 12, 2013

this post started as "just one pic"...and ended up with three!

the carpet is in!

it's time to deck the halls!

i can't believe i am doing this!

no makeup! my work clothes!

real as real!

Alice said, "Lynne, i have to take a picture before i go!"

...and you know it landed on facebook!

( MarCellaaaaa! you requested a Mimosa.)

 that's exactly what my 

sweet friend  Alice delivered, along with a tin of her 

coveted Chex mix. 

as you can see, everything needed to be put back in it's 

place. Mr. D helped with the heavy stuff when he returned

from work.  the holiday transition has begun.


 i am telling's like walking on clouds around here!

i am off to the shower, and back to work. 

 ...for tomorrow, there is another day off.  

Chrislyn is treating both grandmothers to 

Holland's first Nutcracker.

 Miss H will be wearing pink and gold brocade.

...and nail polish!

(two years and five months is such a wonderful age.)

the image above was taken Tuesday night, at her little 

"get dressed" rehearsal.

(she has asked to try her dress on several times.)

she sat very still while Momma painted the pink coat, 

and the sparkle coat.  she followed instructions,

holding her fingers to dry for almost 30 minutes.

 she will likely need a touch up or a redo before Friday!

our seats are orchestra level.  

i can't wait to see her eyes when the overture begins and

the curtain goes UP!

perfect shower music!   la  la  la  la...  la la la la la la la!



  1. I love that picture of you. Just beautiful . And her little pink nails look press !! The carpet looks beautiful and Love that furniture piece next to your fire place. Cant wait to see all the new pics after you deck them Halls !! Blessings, Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

  2. Precious little fingers. I remember those days so well.

  3. I love the picture of you too! So nice that your sweet hubby helped you put it all back together.
    It will be such a special time at the theater, one I'm sure you all will remember fondly for years to come. Enjoy! xo

  4. The carpet looks great! Those sweet little fingers are so adorable. Try to sneak some pictures of the performance for us.

  5. LYNNE! THERE YOU ARE! Just beautiful, but YOU and the new carpet! Anita

  6. Lynne,
    Oh, The Nutcracker should be so much fun. I went with the girls a few years ago, and it's a tradition of theirs to go every year. It's a magical place filled with wonder. I would love to see pictures of it afterwards. Have a fantastic time.


  7. I love that picture of you + those sweet fingers.

  8. Lynne dear-Your carpet is in and you are glowing! What a happy time in life. I can tell your cup is running over with fun and happiness. Enjoy every moment with your sweet family and that darling little one.
    xx, Heather