Wednesday, March 13, 2013

just one quick pic!

i knew that i would be

on the fast track this week!

almost no time for blogging.

i decided that i needed to seek some color with my morning coffee.

a little something...something pretty for my eyes... and yours!

for us "northerners", it's still a few sleeps and dreams away.

i have been visiting you!

i love what you are showing me!

happy Wednesday!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Olga Korbut pigtails... my heart! vacation is over! back to work!

here she is!

twenty months old and ready for class!

what does a mommy and daddy do when you have a dolly

that loves to climb and stand on the edge of things?

you enroll her in gymnastics.

a little easier to handle than rock climbing.

then you stand back...and watch her grow go!

(i am sorry, the video would not load...bad blogger!)

Mr D and i just woke up!

the Chocolate Gousse has been let out and fed!

one load of laundry in!

the coffee is on!

...time for a quick little post as i smell it brewing!

i've got to go now!

there's Mr D's lunch...

... my shower...biscuits and gravy... Jay to the airport, and

then on to the office!

i'm back in the swing!

vacation is officially over!  

happy Monday to me,
and to all of you!