Friday, March 22, 2013

Springshine! Cleaning time! Swedish blog crush!

hi darling, darling, darlings!

just why am i so happy today?

well...taxes are done!

(every year the words...flat tax...flat tax...flat tax... run through my mind.)

so...after taxes...

...Spring Cleaning!


image for SPRING 2013!

i found it HERE at Julia's pretty blog!

i will be back on Monday!
( i am really going to clean this weekend!)

before i go...

...just one more peek of clean and simplify...

...thanks, Julia!



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Maria's shop...and serendipity!

oh...i LOVE the word serendipity...

hello Tuesday!

i know that most of you follow Maria at Rusty Hinge.

she is such a talent, and a lovely friend to know in blogville.

while i was waiting for my Irish bread to bake on

Saturday, i popped onto 34th street for a second to find a

pleasant surprise on my sidebar blogroll.

Maria's pop up brocante shop!

:: ici ::

i fell for this!


on Sunday...
...when i was on my way over to Mom and Dad's house, i needed 

to make a quick stop at QFC to pick up another pint of Guinness to

 make Irish bread to go with their boiled dinner.

while in the check out line...

i spied THIS!

 how could i NOT buy it?

inside is a charming article on vintage seed packets!


:: ici ::

before i feel the first "Springshine" here in the Pacific Northwest,

i'll just have to play flower shop indoors!


Monday, March 18, 2013

motivate me Monday...

good morning!

i have an assignment for the next two weeks.

to  M O T I V A T E !

:: ici ::

the people i work with are dear and special.

they are good, kind, helpful and reliable!

i cherish their support and friendships!

there is bread on the farm table this morning!

what motivates me is doing for others! 

 i have heard the term one better out there in blog land!

M O T I V A T E    M E   M O N D A Y!

it's as simple as bringing bread and butter to work! 

H A V E   A   B E A U T I F U L  W E E K!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Irish bread and family. Slainte!

happy St Patrick's Day!

yesterday, we gathered for boiled dinner at (our dear friends)

Alice and Steve's house! we dined on the traditional

corn beef and cabbage, new potatoes, bread and butter.

there were numerous green desserts, and some Jameson's, Harp Lager,

Killian's Red and Guinness, of course.

my friend Alice and i happened to have had lovely

Irish maiden names. although she grew up in Ohio,

and i in Washington state, we were taught, (by our fathers)

to sing our last names to the tune of


The song was written by George M Cohen in 1913.
there are many more lyrics...
but the refrain is what we sang!

"h", "a", double "r", "i",
"g-a-n" spells harrigan.
Proud of all the irish blood that's in me,
Divil a man can say a word agin me.
"h" "a" double "r" "i",
"g-a-n", you see!
Is a name that a shame
Never has been connected with
Harrigan, that's me! 

i would say our "maiden"  last names...but that's probably T. M. I.

for those darn identity thieves.

for the party i was assigned bread!

i found a very yummy and EASY recipe for Guinness beer bread here!

i made two loaves of Guinness beer bread.

pistachio shortbread here!
...and for pinch of sweet!  i made this fun little green interpretation of shortbread!

i snapped a few images of the kitchen pre-func!

the 1pt 6oz Guiness will yield two loaves of bread!

the image of the bread was taken before it went into the oven. i didn't have time

 to photograph it after it was baked, as it was whisked out of the oven and

delivered to the party so it would be warm for dinner.

only crumbs and oats remained!

this recipe will be a keeper for the future!

i am on my way out the door to pick up another pint,

then on to Mom and Dad's to bake Irish bread with them!

i'll share a few sips of Guiness with my Dad as it bakes in the oven!

 i dedicate this post to my dad, John, who i am very lucky to spend another

St Paddy's day with...and to my dear friend Alice's dad, Ed, 

who went to Heaven one year ago!