Friday, April 19, 2013

French bread on Friday! ...thinking about saffron with a French roll, and some random thoughts for the weekend.

one thing about dwelling in the 


is the ability to sport a trench, all - year -long!

i am seeking a casual trench...

i love this piece of saffron chicness for a mere shopping in my dreams price of

508 dollars and 37 cents.  (are you kidding me...37 cents?)

oh well, you are quite cool,

my dream affordable trench is out there somewhere.

:: ici ::

i had my hair sheared to my chin!

it will be ready for the French roll come Fall!

my heart continues to be heavy. i am seeking an ordinary weekend...

...playing some uplifting tunes while cleaning house,

going outside to give the garden grasses their first Spring shearing and

 primping the lavender while breathing in the fresh air after another April shower.

 ...i'll plant some rosemary and thyme on the kitchen window!

 a Saturday night movie with home grilled sliders and cold light beer!

church...spending Sunday afternoon with Mom sorting through our family

history of costume jewelry.  just holding some simple sweet life...


p.s. Annie's in France sharing "Lovely Things" !


Monday, April 15, 2013

random cafe' Monday! some silly...and some sweet, with a soft ending.

:: ici ::

i don't think the Dalai Lama meant
Hobby Lobby...  but just for the record...i went!
now i know what all of you are talking about!

i hope you all had a great weekend!

Mr D had to work all weekend, so i cleaned, cooked and baked!

  i like the clear-white Post-It filing tabs to mark my favorite recipes.

they come in a package of two. they are housed in cute little flat mini

pop up holders! perfect to tuck in the "what not" drawer,

(as my Grandma used to call it), and my handbag!

i made a batch of ina's pecan sandies. (i am a huge shortbread fan.)

i had this recipe bookmarked to try for awhile. i liked the idea of

toasting and processing the pecans into the flour. the turbinado sugar

added additional crunch!  i'll be honest...the next time i make these, i am

either going either drizzle chocolate on top, or dip the bottoms in chocolate and

allow them to set up on wax paper.  the little sandies were

 screaming for chocolate when they hit my palate!

i took some over to share with Mom and Dad on Sunday!

have you tried AmLactin?

i am LOVING this product! 

read more about it here!

i use the blue label at night. i mix it with a fragrant body lotion.
 if you don't know ceremides...they can have a faint odor...i mean faint!
the green and purple labels are pretty much fragrance free!

it's time to hit the shower!