Friday, May 3, 2013

French bread on Friday! boutique de fleurs, deuxième partie!

ooooo... it's a B E A U T I F U L  day on 34th street!

i mean G LO R I O U S !

i snapped this image of our dining room just after Mr. D departed 

for work this morning, (about five thirty a.m.).  (mr golden sun was not 

yet awake!) i was sipping my coffee with anticipation of

a quick (before work) craft project. remember my post about transforming

the dining area into a "boutique de fleurs"?

first! did you notice the chandie?

i used a table runner that i found at Hobby Lobby.

a mere 7.99 for the new look!

i was seeking organic!

 i am loving the burlap!

the reflection of light, both natural in the daylight and 

illuminated at night, is wonderful!  as you can see, i used little

sprigs of lavender, tied with tiny twine to disguise the seams.

this morning's project was to make a pennant banner out of 

vintage French seed labels and craft paper envelopes!

i am more than pleased with the outcome!

sun's up!

...and i have to leave you for the shower and the office!

happy weekend!

{i have been visiting, but i need to catch up on my blog visit comments!
 i will pop in to visit and chat on the weekend!}

oh! and the winner of the print on April's pink post? 


(it's easy to write her name in sunbeams!)

you can visit her amazing blog here!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday's wrap! sweet liberty!

i was drawn...

:: ici :: sweet liberty...

:: ici ::

...for today's wrap!

:: ici ::

 this pretty Liberty of London print was my inspiration!

i actually found a liberty print in the 34th street fabric stash archives!

 remember the Van Lierop photo cards from this post?

Linda won them!

i wrapped a few extra goodies to go to Texas with the cards!
(the bay leaf  is from our back yard)

i placed the gifts into my favorite French market basket for safe keeping.

 i plan to visit post office on Saturday morning!

happy May Day! 

{it's going to be G O R G E O U S  here in the PacNWest!}

Monday, April 29, 2013

random cafe'... today's images and words are from out of the blue!

hello to Monday,

and to all of you too!

:: ici ::



:: ici ::




...robin's egg blue!"

as a part of the liquidation of the Van Lierop

 the bulb farm (last Monday's post here), they had 

an estate sale going on. there was lot's of cool 

stuff. i fell for the old school pale, 

powder, periwinkle, word perfect robin's egg, 

that - looks - like - new... blue! 

i remember typing many a term paper on a gem 

similar to this!

i'll be wrapping on Wednesday!

have a great week!