Saturday, May 25, 2013

May's pink post!








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Friday, May 24, 2013

French bread on Friday... lovely gifts, my little corner, and a few thank you notes!

  hello to friends old and new!

it's  F R I D A Y!  ...and most of us are on our way to a three day!

this morning i took a few snaps of my little corner!

  it's located in our dining room, right next to the farm table.

(as many of you know, to me, this is the heart of our little place

here on 34th street.)

my (writing and blogging) desk has a new look,  a bit of a French flavor!

the linen café pin board,

 the galvanized two tier tray,

and the mercury glass vase were Mother's Day 

gifts from Chrislyn, Jason and the Grands!  

i snipped two rain soaked Calla Lilies this morning!

( if you look close, you may see a raindrop or two.)

the lilies are a perfect choice for my sleek new mercury vase.

 the two tier tray holds my favorite pens, stamps,

 twine, labels, scissors, readers, notes, envelopes, my camera and 

some lavender sachets. everything is so nicely contained, and

an easy move to the farm table when i use the desk for,

correspondence, paying bills, pinning and blogging! 

the Calla Lilies were purchased  at Costco!   yes...Costco!

Mr D and i planted two of them in beautiful large glazed

earthenware pots on our anniversary. 

i haven't framed the Spring release poster. i rather like it

displayed on the desk, for the time being.

...and speaking of timewhen permitted, here is where i have been 

for the past week, receiving so very many virtual gifts.

thank you, Anita!  you were a most gracious and amazing hostess!

for me, the journey will never end!  

thank you to everyone who visited my dream shop, "fille de fleur", 

and to those who offered such lovely wishes for our anniversary!

thank you to Chrislyn, Jason and the Grands! 

happy birthday to my son, Jay, a gift of life and love, and laughter!

to echo many of my blog guests... here's to 40 more, Mr D!

what a week it has been!

my corner and my heart are flourished "Fleurished"...