Friday, June 28, 2013

French bread on Friday... " Caillou"...her first French word!

i took today off to spend with Chrislyn and the Grands!

tomorrow is Holland's 2nd birthday!

the party will  evoke a petite French - Canadian influence

a la...

Caillou (pronunciation: /ˈkj/) is an educational Canadian children's television series, based on the books by author Christine L'Heureux and illustrator Hélène Desputeaux. During the first season, many of the stories in the animated version began with a grandmother (who is also the show's narrator) introducing the story to her grandchildren, then reading the story about the book. Since 1997, the narrator/grandmother is an unseen characterCaillou first aired on Canada's Teletoon channel in 1998;[1] it later made its United States debut in English on Public Broadcasting Service(PBS) Public television on September 4, 2000[2] and aired its series finale on October 3, 2010. The show also began airing on Treehouse TV on September 7, 2009. Reruns also air on PBS Kids Sprout.

the English translation of  "caillou"  is "pebble"!

and... if you haven't had enough 
French bread and sugar cuteness... may wish to visit

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Mamie is quite adorable and sometimes signs her posts...

...Granny Pebble!

happy Friday!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

how are you this Monday morning?

i am excited!

i have TWO short work weeks in a row!

whew whoooooo!  baby!

a four day work week, this week...and a three day'er next!

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(we'll be picking up our sport's guy at Sea-Tac at 7 am 

on the 4th of July!)

i have started a little ritual to take the Friday off  before

the Grand's b-days. 

can you believe that Miss Holland will be "2" ?

on the day she was born, Mr D and i said, " can't wait until we get to

watch her dance or play sports."

we didn't have to wait long!

  here she is on the uneven parallel bars (her fave), at the Little Gym.

 no pressure allowed, all fun! 

she is one cute chatterbox.  i am amazed at her vocabulary!

Mr D and i spent all day Sunday shopping for her. 

 he had his ideas and i had mine.  we were able to find everything on the list.

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one of the items on our list?  a little smaller version of this... 

...that can go inside and outside!  i don't want to give too much away before her

party, because her Mamma reads my blog!

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 i have some stars and ribbon crafting set for the farm table!

i'll share more on Friday!