Friday, July 26, 2013

French bread on Friday.. random...".blanc et noir"!

this weekend i will be taking on a few projects...

i know. 

it's embarrassing.

it's a hodgepodge!

my goal is to take it from

the boring black cupboard 

le placard noir!

no, i won't be decorating for Christmas...i like the touch of apple green

 with black, and the curtains... possibly...maybe not...hmmmm.

there's more...

the blah, blah, blah... boring white linen closet!

( i took the ugly folding doors off a few years ago.)

:: ici ::

i think it needs "savon de Marseilles" and a "pretty new skirt"!

i'll share  "the afters" next week!



the bread!

:: ici ::


...when you blog and pin your dreams...

...they come true! 
( from Chrislyn, Jason and the "Grands"!)

before off to work!... the countertop is set for

French bread on Friday!

celebrate blogging and pinning your dreams!

happy weekend!


Monday, July 22, 2013

an ordinary Summer weekend, and... a gift from the sea, from Kimberley to me...and now, to you too!

hello sweet ones!

happy Monday!

since Mr D worked all weekend, i 

took on a few organizing projects inside the house,

and worked outside both days. i loved soaking in 

two healthy doses of vitamin D!  

 after Mr D returned from work on Saturday, i steamed 

butter clams, tossed a Caesar salad and poured

 a micro brew. we kicked back and watched "Dirty

Dancing".  it was the first time that i watched it

since Patrick Swayze's passing.  it was a perfect

movie choice for my our Saturday evening state of mind.

on Sunday, i was outside most of the day.

lot's of dead heading, trimming and watering...

i filled my newly acquired wine crate full of lavender 

buds, to dry for sachets.

i picked a small bundle of culinary lavender, and

some eucalyptus for the shower head.

when Mr D came home, we sipped a Summer 

Shandy before i broiled a marinated tri-tip and 

sauteed peppers, mushrooms, onions and blanched 

brussel sprouts for dinner. 

i have a little something fun to share...

so i will be switching sea glass ink to write

as i did a little over two years ago,

 when i published this post!

i had only been blogging about four months, when

Chrislyn gave me three old bottles

that (her husband) Jason's dad retrieved while scuba 

:: Port Townsend, Washington ::

diving in Port Townsend Bay. i really loved the

color of the old glue bottle. (at that time 

"sea salt green - aqua" was all the rage!)

to prepare for the post, i Googled sea glass, which 

led me to this beautiful image. 

i did not identify the source until two weeks ago, 

when this sweet note popped up on my email!

Regarding your post on sea glass in Feb 2011, the first photograph with the sea glass in the 
hand was taken by me while vacationing in Taormina 2009. Not sure how it showed up on 
your site and Pinterest but I am flattered someone appreciates it like I do. Best hour of my 
day was sea glass hunting. And you're right, you can make pretty jewelry with sea glass.  
If anyone ever asks or wonders where in Taormina, 
take the funicular down from the charming town and you practically land on the 
most charming sea glass glistening beach.
 I cannot wait to return, hopefully sooner than later. 

Your blog is cute by the way .

Kimberley R.

  • Kimberley said that she was flattered...and it is rightly 

    so that she should be. my little blog is a journal of 

    people, places, and things that touch my heart and soul. 

    the post only holds one comment...but has become one

    of my most viewed posts of all time. 

    Kimberley's note set me straight to Google once again

    on a quest to find Taormina!

  • Taormina is a comune and small town on the east coast of the island of Sicily, Italy, in the Province of Messina, about midway between Messina and Catania. Taormina has been a very popular tourist destination since the 19th century. Wikipedia

  • a breathtaking ride from sky to sea,

    together, we shall hold a precious memory.

    thank you for your gift, dear Kimberley!

    i so enjoyed the ride!