Friday, August 30, 2013

French bread on final summer 2013 lavender story and a "souvenir d'été" !

when i tried to respond to my sweet blog friend's request,

i stumbled upon "no reply blogger"!

knowing that she visits and enjoys French bread on Friday,

here is my reply!   

Lavender loves sunshine!

i started with the garden variety from the local

nurseries, and the garden centers at Lowes and Home Depot. 

although fragrant, i felt that the plants were pale

and not very pretty, until this summer, when

 i photographed their buds inside the French

wine crate, when they looked so beautiful!

i stand corrected!

on the first week of August last summer, Mr D and i drove 

up to Sequim, WA, to the home of one of the largest 

lavender festivals on the west coast.  i was specifically 

seeking "culinary" grade and dark purple varieties!

we purchased four, 4 inch pots of lavender.  we transplanted 

them into larger pots, and kept them close to the house for the 

winter.  the blooms started to appear in the middle of June. 

they have continued to bloom all summer long!

i am overjoyed with their bounty and beauty!

so...i advice 

is to start with a little 4 or 8 inch plant from

a local garden center, then start seeking lavender 

fields that are close to you, ask questions and EXPLORE!

growing lavender has become a little hobby for me. 

with 10 plants, i now have enough

scent and savory to last until next summer!

here is a link to our festival here in Washington!

i hope that this helps!  

...and now for the French bread!

"souvenir d'été"!

this, morning, on the farm table, pressing lavender 

and thyme at first light!

 here's to the sweet and savory memories 

of summer 2013!

see you in September!