Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday's wrap! game day colors!


i made it! 

...with two minutes of Wednesday to spare!

last Saturday, while Jay was on the field, 

and Mr D was taking apart the dishwasher,

i was at the farm table wrapping a present for a sweet baby boy!

i used some fun little pennant stickers and tiny twine 

from Miss B at Besotted Brand

i wrapped the orange grosgrain around the package once, and 

tucked a pair of mittens before tying the knot! i snipped the 

ends of the ribbons to match the pennant stickers.

the package was a winner, but the game was another story.

it was a sad day on the sidelines. 

i am going to take a few days off from publishing to catch up 

on my visits with all of you.  i'll be back on Monday.

oh...about the dishwasher... 

if your dishwasher is over three 

years old, the "pods" or "packets", and some of the new 

liquid varieties are not recommended for use.

there is a wealth of information on the subject 

if you google your machine brand and check out

the recommendations. 

Mr D saved us about 900.00 last Saturday.

 bless his talented heart!

have a great weekend!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

a yummy recipe... and, the home team, my boys of Summer 2013!

yesterday, we were invited to a barbecue-picnic at

the home of our dear friends. they live on Lake Sammamish.

(i know... it's gorgeous!)

our contribution to the menu was a dessert!

i made Lemon Drop (i love Limoncello) cupcakes

i would definitely make these again!

i have a convection oven, so, next time, i will slice two minutes

 off of the baking time, as the cakes were slightly dry.  

  everyone loved them, even the kiddos! the frosting was AMAZING!

i found the recipe here!

while editing the photographs i took yesterday,

i noticed that i captured some great shots of "my guys", so

i thought that i would share!

:: click on the image to enlarge ::

great grandpa;(my dad, John, with Toby the yellow lab), 

grandpa;(my Mr D, eating Cheerios off the new deck floor with 

Ben), daddy(my wonderful s-i-l, Jason, with Holland and the 

enormous crocodile), uncle; (my son, Jay, who loved his bonding 

with Ben time) and our rookie,(my grandson, precious Ben)!

the weather was perfect!

this morning, we woke up to a cooled rainfall! our beautiful 

Summer is winding down. although i love Fall, i am finding it 

a bit difficult to let go of Summer 2013. 

i will start decorating for the turn into Autumnnext 

weekend, and as always, i will embrace it's arrival...


Monday, September 2, 2013

this morning, on the farm table...le centre de sport!

Jay's home!

he came to Seattle to cover the Boise State - University

 of Washington game. he was able to stay behind for a 

little visit, but that didn't mean

day's off quite yet, as he had, editing and production

 to complete, for a half hour

show that occurs on Sunday nights at KTVB.

before, i could pick up, we jetted 

out of the house for an "all you can eat 

Dungeness crab feed". i thought that i would show you a 

little of the "real deal", before i toss the pop

can and start tidying the table this morning!

our little table for four fed our family of four for over 

25 years. yesterday, it was about a different kind of "feed"! 

from the farm table to Boise! 

it's function has officially hit high tech!

i know the temporary clutter may bother some people,

 but i love it when the table is multitasking.  

this is the heart of our modest home! well fed, creative

minds and hearts sat and continue sit at this old table. 

our tiny grand children have actually sat "on"

the table a time or two.  Chrislyn and Jay did not have desks

 in their bedrooms. the homework and study happened 

here. their rooms were a retreat for reading and sleeping. 

as you can see, i still have my herb drying and

flower pressing going on! 

it's time to tidy up, make breakfast, and bake desserts

for a picnic on Lake Sammamish this afternoon!

all of our babies will be together! 

i couldn't be happier! 

it's a perfect Labor Day of love!

...and i wish you all the same!

from le centre de sport, in Tacoma,


Sunday, September 1, 2013

just one pic...

inspired by this photo frock from Louise Richardson.

...thinking of the very old family photographs.

...thoughts of stitching them onto pieces of antique linen, and

aged cotton organdy...

i had to journal this so i wouldn't forget!

hopefully the image will inspire you, as well!


yesterday, a little leaf was floating slowly in the sunny

summer breeze. took a gentle landing on the hood of my car.

everything is turning to gold!