Friday, September 27, 2013

French bread on Friday...randonnées sur ... l'eau minérale, Dior et le foie gras, and what's on tap for Saturday...

on my Pinterest board entitled,

"my Mr D", i pinned this.

:: ici ::

...a romantic interpretation of my husband's favorite

Autumn into Winter pastime. 

 an "upland" hunter,

donning Filson chic

:: ici ::

seeking foie gros for the French farm table.





he's a member of a very special dynasty

(that's my Mr D on the far left)

this morning, they make their first trek over the

Cascades to MarDon for the season's first cast and blast. 

for this trip, an upland guided hunt is scheduled, 

and some fishing.





i have been pinning and planning...

:: ici ::

i'm going to add some (Perrier) sparkle to my vitamin water.

while it's brewing in the fridge...

i'll go outside to pick some fresh eucalyptus to hang on the 

the shower spout and mix up a batch of sugar scrub!

after my shower and jammies...

:: recette ici ::

...i'll veg out! 

then, it will be time for

one simple coat of Dior.

:: ici ::

i'll  "chill " while they dry...then

treat my fingertips to a healthy dessert!

Crème Abricot!

while the Abricot is working, i'll pop into Blogville to see

what you have been up to!


the plan is to rise early and put the manicure to 

test with some MEGA cleaning before a 9 am haircut.

...a quick visit and hugs with the "Grands", 

(i have yet to see Holland's new big girl bed),

on my way to spend the day with Mom and Dad. Mom wants to 

go to the Duris Cucumber Farm! we'll do lunch and 

 sort through some old photos, costume jewelry and stuff!



tomorrow night?

:: ici ::

i'll be at the farm table playing "catch up" with 

some way long over due correspondence,

:: ici ::

and letting my "chic" fly totally

out the window, 

while i cheer...


Beat Stanford!

happy weekend and

happy almost October!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

just one pic! the heat is on!!!

:: ici ::

i have to laugh...

maybe i am posting the mundane...

the heat just popped on for the first time since Spring!

it's officially SWEATER WEATHER!

i'm wearing my FAVE cozy sweater to work today!

the image above, from here, has me on the lookout for oatmeal wool

and peek a boo lace!

(thank you for all of the sweet comments about my Mom

and the precious quilt!)


Sunday, September 22, 2013

just one pic!

:: ici ::

drop on in...and stay for awhile!
 (pinning at sunrise on the first day...i'm not the only one!)