Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall fĂȘte ! A girls night out at the "Met"!

you could be thinking...


more pink?

yes...more pink!

by now most of you have figured out that i have set myself up 

for a little challenge to post in pink for the month of October! 

i have not abandoned

traditional Fall.  our home does not wear pink well. 



i can't place pink in our home.

why not on my blog?

...and who knows?  i may just finish this month off with

a pink vignette in a special little tyke's very pink bedroom!

the images featured today are from Monica Hart,

 an amazingly talented woman that lives here in the Pacific Northwest.

just look what she is planning for October 24th!

if you are not familiar with Monica, or her beautiful blog

La Famiglia Design, pour your favorite sip, 

grab a cozy throw and pop in for a visit here!

you may also visit Monica's "Fall Inspiration" board on Pinterest, here!

i hope that you don't mind me living in the pink for a little while!


:: the recipe for Monica's fairy tale magic is here!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

lovely images of "nostalgia meets now"...butter baked and pink!

perfect timing! sugar for the month of October!

 i have featured the photography of

Janis Nicolay of Vancouver, British Columbia, several

times before today. i am intrigued with her passion for clean  

mid-century design, and her ability to style it into the 

present. it's comfort food for the eyes and heart of this 

baby boomer girl!

ahhhhh...n o s t a l g i a!

Janis features her favorite recipes on her blog now and then.

at one time, she sold her recipes, beautifully 

photographed, and tucked in a handmade fabric envelope

 at her Etsy shop

you can imagine how thrilled i was when i discovered that

she recently finished photographing a cookbook.

:: Butter Baked ::


do i really need another cookbook?  

 i caved in BIG TIME!

:: Pinecone Camp here ::

to me, cookbooks are a perfect fairy tale.

a romance about practicing science in the kitchen,

with the ultimate result happy ending, plated art! 

 (i lose the problems of the day when i open up a cookbook)

 i sometimes pack a cookbook in my work tote, for when

i have that need to STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!

when i am really stressed, i'll place a cookbook 

on my desk. it welcomes happy foodies into my office!

it's amazing how the mood of the day is lifted!

science to art 101



to convince Mr D to stop for a visit to

"Butter" on our way home from Whistler one day.

i pre-ordered my copy here

:: source, here and here ::

here's another image via Pinecone Camp...

this morning i leave you with a perfect 

 pink "nostalgia meets now" reading retreat!

i'm feeling yoga pants with over sized French terry on top!


where has this early morning's time gone?

hitting the shower!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October's pink post!



at the patch



don't forget,

to check on the girls!


{for more pink ribbon visit here!}

Monday, September 30, 2013

this morning, on the farm table...freshly picked Fall!

the area where the guys go hunting and fishing

is in the midst of our state's amazing apple industry.

 Mr D brought me a bag of freshly picked honey crisps.

this morning i made a simple Autumn fresh arrangement

on the farm table. so fresh...that the bay leaves

are still wearing raindrops!

once eaten, they will be replaced with  

:: ici ::

baby boos!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

the men are on their way home from hunting and foraging! my new issue of Bon Appetit arrived just in time!

they are on their way home!

bringing nature's bounty!

last night when the Cougs fell apart on the field,

i couldn't take it anymore!

so... i decided to lose myself in the October issue

and lost i was!

 ... my favorite farm to table blog.

life as it should be!

a casual elegance.

i'll prepare duck and goose sausage (from last season's hunts),

with French bread and wine.

the perfect plate for the Seahawks game. 

we're playing Marsha's Texans!  

( Marsha! check out Mimi's perfect pashmina!)

now back to football!  GO HAWKS!