Friday, October 18, 2013

basket love!


:: ici ::


:: ici ::


:: ici ::


:: ici ::



with this?

:: ici ::

good guess!

have a wonderful weekend!

we're all headed to pumpkin patch!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

immersed in Autumn's fare!


welcome friends, old and new!

so many of you have inspired me with your pretty 

decorations and decked out front porches.

we are having the most beautiful Fall here in the

 Pacific Northwest! the forecast is going to be crisp and sunny 

for the next week, which means on the weekend, i'll be

outside..."to make hay while the sun shines".

 last Sunday, i pulled the

annuals, trimmed up and mulched the perennials, 

and prepped the planter pots to be filled

with Chrysanthemums and boxwood.

i want to keep it clean and simple, like the pots

in this image from Southern Living. (once the frost

hits, gardening is not a huge pleasure in our region.)

 Costco had some amazing Chrysanthemums for 12.99! 

i hope they receive another shipment. i am on the hunt for

more burgundy mums to match the trim of our house.

the kid's had family pictures taken at Gene Coulon Park  

on the weekend before last.  i can't get enough of those sweet 

little Fall faces!  this image is my newest screensaver!

Chrislyn did a wonderful job styling her family both casual

and vintage chic!  

this was the final shot...

...moments before the overdue nap time meltdown, i'm told!

i can't wait to transform the images into canvas for our new 

RED LETTER gallery wall!  


Monday, October 14, 2013

from " in the pink" ... to Autumn's true !


the weekend flew by in a flash!

 we are now completely immersed in the traditions and 

splendor of  Fall.

it's now time to move from "pink"'s true colors!

where to start?

the farm table, of course!

(simply set for an impromptu Sunday brunch with my Mom and Dad!)

the mid morning light was perfect for the season's first pumpkin

point and shoot!