Saturday, October 26, 2013

Autumn "parfait" is on the farm table...French sugar and pumpkin sweet is this Saturday morning!

gooooood Saturday morning to you!

some pretty and yummy French sugar is on the table this morn'!

a parcel greeted me at my door step last night when i returned

 home from work.

i could smell the French Larkspur Lavender Soap the minute i picked it up!

that Tracey!

she always tugs at my French heart strings!

i placed the sweet scroll "parfait" with it's diminutive 

French handwriting  atop the "baby boo's" and gourds in the center

 of the table.

next to arrive on 34th street was a surprise visit from

our beautiful Chrislyn and the "Grands"! They delivered pumpkin spice

cinnamon rolls with maple and brown sugar glaze to be placed in

the fridge for this morning's coffee!  

ready for the oven! whole wheat goodness!

while they were baking...

...the house phone rang!

it was Jay! 

 he's en route from University Hill at Provo, Utah, to his home in Boise

 after covering the Boise State - BYU football game last night. 

it's always so good to hear his voice!  i made sure that he was 

speaking to me hands free.  i so worry about the dangers of smart phone

use while driving.


 the calender is filled with fun this weekend!

i hope to have some images of the activities to share on Monday!

there's a couple hours of housework planned before the fun starts.

the rolls are ready to be served !

it's time for coffee with Mr D before he takes the Expo for it's

oil change.


i have been visiting, but am so behind with my comments!

i hope to catch up tonight and tomorrow!

enjoy this amazing weekend!


Friday, October 25, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

just one pic! it's thyme to go inside !



i think of this?

:: ici ::

bring the outdoor lanterns inside and turn them into 

green houses for the winter!

i'm on it!

ah basil...ah rosemary...ah thyme!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

a "few" pics at the patch!

the Autumn chill and dampness has officially arrived in the 

Pacific Northwest! 

it was a foggy, foggy day at Spooner Farms!

...perhaps she should have been flying under instrument flight rules!

the "pumpkin heads" were ready to roll! Jason's grandmother 

made their hats

the hat cuteness has caught on!  a patch near grandma's house 

wanted to sell them. requests for newborn to adult sizes flew in!  

she has knit over 100 "pumpkin head beanies" this year.  

way to go Grandma Becky!  

we had three cameras on board with our group.

there were over 200 images captured on this occasion.

i kept thinking how careful we were with our family event photography 

before the days of digital!  there was much more "video taping" going on.  

...remembering the early days when the video cam rested

on daddy's left shoulder! 

the tradition rolls on...

...a new generation of pics from the patch! 

i picked up a flat of late season raspberries!

like late season grapes...sooooo sweet!

since the HAWKS have already played, i'll be jammin' in the 

kitchen this afternoon!