Friday, November 8, 2013

mission Saturday...phase one!

hellooooo Friday!

i am SO GLAD that you are here!

hugs to all my workmates!

it's been REAL and we are AWESOME!

prayers for the very sick folks that crossed

our lives this week...


Mr D will be gone hunting and foraging once again. 

he leaves tonight will return tomorrow night.


this morning, before he left for work, i asked him... 

"honey, would you please back the "pick up" truck...

(we have a little ole' 1997 Red Ranger pick up that 
he uses to commute to the park and ride.)

...up to the garage tonight before you leave?"

there is something that you all don't know about me.

i have never driven a stick shift!

i know! 

...and i'm a boomer!

smile if you will! 

it's OK.

:: ici ::

i am going to spend most of Saturday purging the 

garage and Jay's old room!  i'm on a mission to be 

holiday ready by December 1!

:: ici ::

i have scheduled six hours for this mission!

and when it's 3:00, i am going to stop and

head for the shower and a little pampering.

i can visualize myself singing...

:: ici ::

when i am clean and pretty,  i'm going to seek the deal of the week!

Costco has Hunter's at the store for $75.00.

they are on line for $79.00!


 ... our beloved Nordy's is price matching some of the colors!

(my beautiful daughter clued me in at the beginning of the week!)

my next mission, phase two, will be white!

have a great weekend!