Saturday, November 16, 2013

just one pic! a few morning thoughts...keeping in touch.

i loved my market fresh window sill image from yesterday's 

post, so i made it my banner for the rest of the month!


i know everyone is busy, busy out there!

i am back in my cleaning a purging mode.

last week, phase one, was about taking stuff to

the dump. today's the day to gather for my favorite charities.

(some things will be hard to let go.)


i must make a decision between 

Benjamin Moore 

then... i will be on a painting frenzy!

i hope to have three rooms painted by the

end of the day on Saturday next!

as i purge around the house,

i will only gather virtually for now.

my thoughts of Christmas must remain on the back

burner so i can take in Fall's

field to table bounty. it's so absolutely beautiful!

happy weekend!  


Friday, November 15, 2013

French bread on Friday! random! untouched! the real deal!

hellooooo beautiful blog friends!

as you know, Mr D and i are up at 4:45 am on the weekdays.

i thought it might be fun to share some  untouched  "snaps" of  the

routine before Mr D heads out the door at 5:25!

it's clockwork!

caution! there was use of "flash"!

we do coffee right, here in the land of the mermaid!

...just enough left for one sandwich and two slices of toast!

Mr D likes grape jelly.

i love homemade raspberry jam. i need to make another 

batch soon.  my "back up" is always Bonne Maman!

i keep the necessities close at hand!

yes! i'm showing you the inside of our fridge!
( i know, the tomatoes and squash should be on the counter, but
most homes don't have a 100 lb Chocolate Lab roaming the
house all day! )

Mr D's holiday prosciutto arrived yesterday!

the kitchen sill is filled with

market fresh, in preparation to meet the big bird!

(...and my very first "selfie")...the "morning me",
completely unintended!)  i never, ever thought i would 
say the word "selfie!
never, never say never.

i love my mornings!

i'm feeling the greetings of the season... to get the garbage cans out to the curb!

have a great weekend!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

where did my pumpkin heads go?






 we're talkin' turkey now!

(they will be the "talk" of the cabin as they fly to their aunt and uncle's home for Thanksgiving Day!)


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

our holiday wines are here! laissez la saison commence!

eleven :: twelve :: thirteen 

hello blog friends, old and new!

i must say that everyone is showing their holiday spirit! 

...lot's of giving, planning, crafting, cooking and

 decorating inspiration happening out there!

you motivate me every day! 

thank you.

thank you!


when our nest emptied, we were sad.

i started a blog and Mr D acquired an interest 

in good wine. i love watching my Carhartt wearing

guy taste wine. our routine... he sips first, then

hands the glass to me, saying, 

"Lynne, you can taste the oak, and the cherry in this one."

"this is very fruity. taste the grapefruit...the peach!"

his favorite is usually "the Cab"!

it just melts my heart and makes me smile.

 on a visit to Walla Walla,(Washington's

wine country), about three years ago, we joined a wine club.

we receive two shipments a year. the first arrives in the 

Springtime, the second, in the Fall.

...just in time for the holidays!

last Thursday, we received our beautiful wines.

the Fall wine shipment inspires the first dreams

and plans for our holiday table.

last Friday night, Revelry held their

inaugural Harvest Dinner. 

we could not attend.

when the images of the event popped up on

facebook, i liked...and posted a little comment!

(so beautifully photographed, a feast for the eyes!)

yesterday, i received a document envelope

via UPS. inside, was a menu from the event with 

a hand written note. 

talk about delight!!!

you all know how...

 ...i have a passion for menus.

this one is no exception!

it will be framed for my kitchen by the weekend!

...and those of you that know me will be assured that it

with be photocopied on white linen paper and card stock

for gift wrapping!

thank you for your thought filled
gesture, Lindsey!

 laissez la saison commence!

(we hope to be there next year!)


:: all images,(except the last one on the farm table) are from
Revelry's blog here ::

(i am not being compensated for talking about Revelry's
wine. i just love to blog about the little pleasures
that make life sweet here on 34th street!)

Monday, November 11, 2013

mission Saturday one, accomplished? here's the recap!

on Saturday, i felt like i was in a episode of "Hoarders".
( i have never watched the show, it's title most likely defines it!)

some of you warned me!

"once you start, you won't be able to 

finish until every closet is done." 

 i made good progress until i found a box in the bottom 

of Jay's closet. three out of the six hours that i spent 

cleaning and purging on Saturday was spent SHREDDING!

(i think that we have the very first shredder that hit the market. it handles about three sheets of paper at a time.)

 remember the checkbooks that had carbon copies in them?

the kids used them while they were in college.

there were old payroll stubs dated back to high school.

there was all kinds of college related stuff. 

why was i hanging onto this stuff?

no...for posterity's sake, is not my excuse.

with the shredder fired up, i stepped off track

for a bit, and cleared our files as well.

the paper purge is complete!


i must confess that there is likely another five hours needed to 

finish what i started on Saturday.  

i just finished today's hour. i plan to keep on track

so i will be ready for Mission "WHITE", next Saturday!

(the Hunter boots did not work out, but i am on to

an alternate plan.) 

here's a snap of our little Red Ranger on this misty,

rainy Monday morning.

i feel great!

i'm ready to hit the shower and head for

 the office. Mr D,(my sweet vet), is home for Veteran's Day!

May God bless them all!