Saturday, December 7, 2013

just a wee bit of Christmas, and...he's the "one"!

i am going to be honest.

life is beyond crazy here on 34th street!

yesterday, i had a minor routine medical procedure.

no worries needed!

there are only a few hints of  holiday cheer

residing here... being the Poinsettia that my father traditionally

gifts to me on Thanksgiving Day!

thank you, Dad! 

i love you!

the new carpet will be installed on Wednesday.

the new furniture will be delivered the following 

Wednesday.  with all of the chaos, the Christmas boxes

will remain under the house until the carpet is installed.  

i made a new Advent calendar this year.

it was not intended for the chandie, but that's where it landed.

it was the only safe place, since i was informed 

that EVERYTHING  is to be moved out of the

living room.   the pictures, the wall clock and plates on the walls

 in the living room and dining room are stored safely up in the 


they tell me that the walls are going to vibrate!

(i have to break a promise to a blog friend today.

i was going to shoot an image of a metal plate display that 

i sprayed white in the Summer of 2012.

when Mr D was off with the broken truck, he started packing

things away.

i will shoot it and post it in the first daylight after the 

carpet is installed.)  

the chandie was the perfect choice with the circumstances 

Christmas  2013.   

the farm table needed a quick fix after last Sunday's

Thanksgiving dinner.  i grabbed some of my favorite

French linen and ribbon and made this simple statement. 

the five - minute - fix is kind of growing on me, especially as the 

days of Advent gather to flourish!  






we are celebrating Ben's first birthday today!

he is the happiest baby boy that i have ever met!

 i call him Mr Smiles!


December 7, 1941.

before i go, i wish to link you to one of my dear blog friends, Noelle.

her post on this day says it all. 


Thursday, December 5, 2013

December's pink post...I N T E R R U P T E D !

yesterday morning, i had just settled down with my coffee 

to put together December's pink post when...

learn to make snow flakes here!

...the phone rang!

it was Mr D!

his little Red Ranger truck broke.

it was 23 degrees outside!

still in my slippers, and yoga pants, i headed outside to defrost

my commuter Corolla. by the time i reached Mr D,  a

WONDERFUL samaritan helped him push the troubled truck

to a safe place.

we have roadside service on our cell phones.

all we had to do was touch four little numbers... was on the way.

we had  it towed back to 34th Street.

Mr D stayed home, i headed to the shower and on to the office.

Mr D's 1995 Red Ranger... and a memory.

when i popped onto facebook at lunch, sentimental Mr D had

made a few posts.  the little truck holds so many memories for him.

we have thought about selling it, but it's perfect for his short commute

 to the park and ride, where he takes the LONG commute to the

University of Washington every day.  it's nice for the occasional "haul",

and saves wear and tear on the "Expo"!

when i returned from work last night the truck was missing.

our dear friend Ernie came by to take it to his place for a fix!

it needs a new clutch.  a minor fix, to keep filling that silly little

pick up with more memories like...

(Sing) Sing a song
(Sing) Sing a song of songs
(Sing) Sing it out
Sing it strong
(Sing, sing, sing, sing)
Yeah, yeah

Saving Silverman

and lot's of Neil Diamond, while

driving our son to college in Texas ten years ago.

Sing it LOUD!

Holly Holy!

Saving the Red Ranger!

(this one's for you,  my sentimental Mr D!)

now, back to pink !

it's a busy month! don't forget to check!

(thank you, thank you, thank you, to the good samaritan,

Josh the tow truck driver and our dear Ernie!)


:: images from PINK RIBBON here!

Monday, December 2, 2013

this morning, on the farm table is a clue to what lies ahead...and lovin' on my blog friends!

yesterday was our Thanksgiving.

without going into detail, it was amazing.

Mr D and i cooked enough to send each parting family with a

shopping bag filled with left overs.

Holland Grace helped me load the bags.

we played counting games as we packed.

she is so polite and gracious. her mommy and daddy have

done such a lovely job teaching her social graces.

this morning i tossed the mini white pumpkins into 

the yard waste bin. 

Good Bye, Autumn 2013!

it's time to set the stage for WINTERPLAY!

the table was cleared for only a moment

before i filled it with the next project.

we have been looking at sofa's for two years. we finally 

made a decision. Mr D could not grasp my slip covered white 

vision, so we compromised.

you all know how i love the greige tones of natural linen.

i have always been intrigued with the intricate, subtle 

herringbone jacquard found in French natural textiles. 

 i seek the detail, and

have collected a few pieces over the years.

going neutral will allow me to change the accents and 

accessories with the seasons.

Chrislyn gifted me this adorable pillow cover that she found at H & M.
she reads me like a book, doesn't she?

i'll start decking all of the house except the living room.

installation of carpet and delivery of furniture

should be complete before the family

traditional tree cutting on the 14th!


before i go, i wish to thank God for putting me in the virtual

 company of such lovelies as you. i don't talk about 

faith on my blog much, but perhaps i should.

since most of us fly in similar patterns, you likely know 

about this weekend's miracle. if not, you may visit Diana's

post here. i know when i speak about my blogs friends, i 

sometimes get a look or reaction like i'm a kid with 

imaginary friends.

"aren't you worried that these people could
be dangerous...dishonest?"

i answer...

"my blog friends are extra ordinary,
 brilliant and oh so caring, just like you"

bloggers blessed are we, a life saved!


Sunday, December 1, 2013

helloooooo DECEMBER...

:: ici ::


:: ici ::

ready or not ?!?

source unknown...if this is your image, tell!

you've beckoned me to come out and play!

:: ici ::

i am filled with your sweetest inspiration!

:: ici ::

i have been dreaming of flourishing, 

"en pointe"!

:: ici ::

let's unwrap the past, and plan

for our magic journey ahead.