Saturday, December 21, 2013

last night, and this morning...from the farm table...

with time on the fly 'til that beautiful day,

i have been oh - so - brief with my blog comments.

last night...i took the number "20" down from the chandy.
 i was so tired,  i forgot to plug my phone in.  it's the best kind of tired isn't it?

i have visited, and have been immersed in

your beautiful holiday spirit.

the decor has been over the top gorgeous!

on the farm table this morning...ready to take down "21".

beyond the flourished halls and hearths, it's the 

full hearts behind the decor that i cherish the most. 

your happiest moments!

your traditions!

your heartfelt reflections.

i re-potted my Thanksgiving Poinsettia from Dad.  i didn't iron the table runner.
 i left it just as i unwrapped it.  perfect France.

(our crazy little virtual community of love and well being!)

i have grown to adore my moments spent with

you.  we can visit at two a.m., and i don't

even have to wake you up!  your words are

there! ready to inspire, ready to care.

always there...


Friday, December 20, 2013

just poppin' in to give you all "a five days to go fist bump"!

hellooooo out there!

i was up and ready to roll at three am this morning.

i set the alarm for a little biscotti baking before work.

B U S T E D !

look who's on the new sofa!

good morning Chocolate Gousse!

(it's a good thing that i threw some quilts on it, 

before Mr D and i headed to bed last night!)

Jay asked me to send him some pictures when the furniture

arrived a couple days ago.

 i made a little picMonkey collage.

yes...the tags are still on!

someone lost her winning smile at first...

...i hear tell of a holler or two...

Ben liked him from the start. 

minutes later, happiness took over and it was hard to say goodbye!

Mr D made the first tracks this morn'! 

high five!

fist bump!

thank you for all of your inspiration and encouraging words!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

merry birthday to you!




merry birthday to you!

on Sunday, i hung the beautiful Paris inspired banner that you 

sent home with Mr D as an early birthday surprise for me!

it shimmers like the city of lights that it portrays.

thank you!

i love it!

 this is going to be the best year of  laughter, hugs 

and tears through joy with you, yet, my friend!

our son's will once again  embrace new rolls in their lives.

...from short stop and centerfield, to college roommates,

 to the world's mountain tops and television sports...

... soon to be reunited once again as groom, and 

best man for his best friend!  


oh...and one more thing!

thank you for introducing Chrislyn to the love of her life!  

today wouldn't be today without you!

(does that sound a bit George Baileyesque?)

you are darn right it does!

(we wouldn't have Holland and Ben!) wonder you are a December babe!

i am blessed...

we are blessed...

to the best friendships of life!


Monday, December 16, 2013

just checking in to see how everyone is doing!

hellooooo lovelies!

i finally found some intermittent moments to catch up

with all of you. you are all looking beautiful! 

i love the traditions, and the new. i have become quite attached

to your homes and their various architectural features,

so many amazing fireplaces, front porches, entries, 

staircases,  doors and windows. 

 your beautifully decorated with love.

...and oh those goodies! YUM!


thank you for all of your lovely comments about little Holland.

we are pretty much decorated and where we should be at this time.

we visited the Christmas tree farm on Saturday.

the tree is waiting in the wings, as the furniture will

be delivered tomorrow morning.  

this morning i made some pine cone topiaries, using 

my favorite small vintage flowerpots,(found in New York's 

Hudson Valley), from stylist and

 photographer Megan Camp, and some Noel ribbon that i purchased

from Cat at Sunday Brocantes.  

 the nice thing about the topiaries is that once

Christmas has passed, the ribbon will slip off

and they can stay up through the winter.

(i have some cute ribbon with X's and O's for Valentine's Day.)

above our kitchen sink this morning stand three new nutcrackers.

(tiny souvenirs from Friday's performance.)

they look sweet with our Swedish electric candlestick.

Chrislyn called me on Saturday and said, " Mom, you blogged 

about The Nutcracker before i could send a picture of you..."

over the weekend she forwarded a picture of all of us in

front of the "star", himself.  

i took it to PicMonkey for a little fun!


i wish you all good health as you prepare for next week.

'tis a season of many emotions.

 memories may bring some tears.

when the tears appear, seek the Joy!

Joy through tears is my favorite emotion!