Friday, December 27, 2013

just a little bit about Christmas and when decor chic turns science chic!

hellooooo darlings!

how are you doing?

Christmas Day flew by so quickly!

i crashed at 11:30.  with work the morning after,

 i am just now am able to pop in and share some bits and pieces of 


Mr D's family arrived early and planted their lovely gifts 

beneath the tree!

Cougar Crest 2010 Dedication Seven was Mr D's wine selection for the adult nieces and nephews,
and i made my traditional money book-cards for those under 21.   

our gifts were flourished with sprigs of backyard cedar and a big smooch

from The Chocolate Gousse!

we were blessed all day!

Jay's flight was slightly delayed, so biscuits and gravy

turned into brunch at 11.

Mr D was front and center in the kitchen and at "the Weber" this year.

at 2 he served his famous grilled duck and goose poppers, while i offered

home or working in Hawaii...for Jay, and all of us, there was "no choice"!

an assortment of soft French cheeses and French bread.

his killer prime rib slowly roasted for 4 1/2 hours.

the house smelled divine!

the party hit the high note when Jason, Chrislyn and the 

grands arrived after nap time!

i am going to say it again.

B L E S S E D !

with all the toys and stimulus abound, Holland spied my

new magnifying glass.

i found this pretty much needed accessory for my aging eyes,

(that - can - also - be - a - chic - accent - piece),

 at Heather's shop, Stylemindchic).

once she discovered the purpose of a magnifying glass,  and it's magic,

she took it over to the pile of her newly unwrapped books!

Grandpa D could not resist capturing this image!


oh gosh!

this morning's time with you has also flown!

got to get to the office!

there is another full day ahead. we are going to a wedding tonight!

there will be 500 people in attendance!

Holland was invited to be the flower girl...her third wedding this year!

with everyone home for the holidays, it is also going to be

one big fabulous family reunion!

have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

the kindergarten angels!

Chrislyn and Jay's kindergarten angels have topped our 

tree for 26 and 25 years.  every year, when i place them on 

the tree, i  am reminded of children singing...

"Angels We Have Heard On High"!

last night, when i added the Tour Eiffel,  i heard the children

singing my favorite French Christmas Carol! i learned the words

in my high school French class. it's beautiful, and so is 

the top of our tree!

Il est ne, le divin Enfant,
Jouez, hautbois, resonnez, musettes;
Il est ne, le divin Enfant;
Chantons tous son avenement!

Jeannie,  la Tour Eiffel and the pretty curled sparkly burlap

flourish made it to the top!  thank you for your lovely

and ohhhh so thoughtful gifts!

 it's Christmas!

hear the angels sing!

Merry Christmas!

Joyeux Noel!


Monday, December 23, 2013

our town...where all elves come home for Christmas and stay 'til they are dispatched to your homes for more "elfishness", next year...and...a change in Jay's game plan!


 that was my longest post title to date!



"where are you headed, Buddy?"

let's go via 34th street!

our very first Christmas ornament. given to me, by Mr D's mom
at one of my bridal showers over 40 years ago.

Jay called after the news last Monday night.

"Mom,  Ryan will cover the Hawaii Bowl.

i'll be home for Christmas breakfast!"


on Tuesday morning, at my desk...

   you can count on me!

our tree holds our history...
the little elephants are from our very first Christmas tree, forty years ago. 

i made them from scraps in a craft box that i packed from Seattle to Fort Campbell, 
Kentucky, where Mr D was stationed after the Viet Nam war.  he was drafted. the war ended
 while he was in basic training. i still thank God  for sparing him a trip to Nam. Mr D's 
Christmas gift to me was a real Douglas Fir tree.  mine to him was the little handmade
 elephants. we made hand poured candles in jelly jars for our families, and mailed them home.   

the coffee will brewing...

the cider will be warming...

the cinnamon rolls will go in...

recipe here!

...and the last loaf of biscotti will be sliced and oven toasted.

(our special blend of Christmas morning potpourri that
 signals the arrival of Santa.)

(when the kids were home, we had the rolls and 
biscotti with coffee and hot chocolate while 
opening the presents!)

after the gifts, the biscuits would go in, 

while the sausage gravy was, as Mr D always says,

"made with love".

this year, there will be little change of tradition.

Jay's flight is scheduled to arrive at Sea-Tac at 9:20 am. 

while Mr D is picking him up at the airport,

i'll prepare the B & G to be ready at 10!

(...hoping his flight is on time.)

we will have an open house from 2 'til 5pm, when Mom,

 Dad, Chrislyn, Jason and the "Grands" arrive for  

gifts and dinner after dark! 


at dark, Buddy and the elves will be home 

in their cubbiessafe and warm,

not too far from our little place here on 34th street!

...and you thought they all lived with 

Mr and Mrs C at the North Pole!

two more sleeps!!!



Merry Christmas!