Wednesday, January 22, 2014


first touch of Valentines Day... kind of happened by accident!

i was adding some "Metallica"  to my mix...

a steal at Home Goods pillow for the new sofa! 

(i hope to have some bright light on Saturday so I can show you the pillow 
in it's place on the sofa.  during the weekdays, i am never home in the daylight,
 i can only share close ups with as much artificial light that i can find!)

another HG find...

...this pretty white box touched by gold to hold my stationary and cards.

i stacked some of my favorite books on top.

the golden letters on Rachel Ashwell's book are a pretty touch!

the French zinc stencils have a little bent lip on top.

they tucked nicely under the lid!



i'm inspired to take a little different approach to decorating

for that day this year! 


for you, Noelle, a link to Home Goods.

i am afraid that there isn't a Home Goods in the UK.

we waited so long to have one in Washington State.  our

store arrived a little over a year ago.


this morning i found out that Renée Fleming will be singing

The Star Spangled Banner before The Superbowl.

i can't wait! i promise you my heart will be singing with her.


a little bit Metallica...a little bit Opera...always here...



  1. For 2014, I have been using a lot of metal in my decor - a different color for me - and I love it.

  2. Beautiful grouping! Everything you do just looks so classy and elegant!!

  3. Oh give me some of Rachel Ashwell's books, a pot of tea, a blanket and I am set for the evening! BRRRRRRR It is so cold tonight here, Lynne! Bundle up! Anita

  4. It looks lovely, it's a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll (wasn't that a song??). Hugs!!

  5. I've got several of those books stacked up on my shelf;) You've created a lovely vignette and I'm liking the Valentine touches!

  6. love the Metallica touch + I have some of the same books + stay warm + safe.

  7. Lynne,
    Home Goods is one of my favorite stores, and I go there every couple of weeks just to see what's new. Your box is pretty, and I like the XO on it. The metallica pieces are nice too. I'm going to stay with the RED and PINK for Valentine's day, but it will be very minimal this year.

    Happy Friday, Lynne.


  8. Oh dear, that little link might just get me in trouble...On my way to the airport on the 5th and ready to shop...
    Many thanks and wishing you a wonderful relaxation time!