Sunday, February 9, 2014


my 6th grade science diorama project was due tomorrow.

Sunday dinner...Mom's blue plate special, always with mashed potatoes and gravy!

pink bubble bath!

pink and blue flannel nightgown!

the fuzzy pink slippers i received for Christmas!

Sunday night hair was always neatly rolled in pink curlers!

i was ready to meet...






the set started with All My Lovin',  ( "close your eyes and i'll kiss you... " ), and

ended with I Want To Hold Your Hand, 

( i want to hold your haaaaaand!...bah, bah, bah, bow!!!) .

Monday morning we gathered  in class with an excitation that we had

never shared before. we placed our science projects on the long,

 low bookshelf that spanned the entire length of our classroom.

 chatter...(not about science)

giggles...(not about the 6th grade boys)

my sweet girlfriends and i were completely captivated by those mopped haired Brits!

...and yes,  i met them for a very brief moment in the Summer of  '66.

i was wearing a Jonathan Logan pastel blue dotted Swiss with

little white daisies appliqued on the sleeves.

Mom let me buy white strappy "squash heels"

my fave was Paul.

today, i can't remember what it was that i went upstairs to retrieve...

...but i still can sing almost every Beatle song between 1964 to 1967.

"Michelle, ma belle.

sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble,

très bien ensemble."

( i honestly think that Paul McCartney may have had a slight influence with

 my need to speak French!) 

ah...words that go together well!

ma belle!

my beautiful!

(mots parfait!) will send to you...

...and to

those sweet girlfriends from St. Bernadette's and

Puget Sound Jr. High!



  1. I remember. It was exciting, though I was only 6 years old. I FELL IN LOVE WITH GEORGE!!!!! And I still love him (shhhhhhhhhh! well, my husband knows!!!) but these boys rock forever. LOVE THIS POST, LYNNE!

  2. Oh- Those wonderful, brief shining moments in our lives! How very wonderful, Lynne. I remember them on Ed Sullivan and my father just shaking his head and thinking that would be it. Boy! Was HE wrong! I can remember standing with tears running down my cheeks the day John Lennon was shot and feeling like I had lost a big part of my youth. xo Diana

  3. This is so cool...and you remember every detail!! I think I was too young to see them then. My best memories are from when I worked in a record store in a mall when I was 16. We played albums over speakers for all the shoppers to hear. I played the album Beatles Love Songs constantly. People's eyes would glaze over while they hummed or sang along. My favorite song was Norwegian Woods. So simple and beautiful.


  4. Yep! fun and a wonderful memory. I laughed out loud when I saw those curlers. Do they still make those?? ;)

  5. what a wonderful post! + those curlers! + that home at the beginning.