Monday, February 24, 2014



so many of us are wishing for you to go away!



i almost forgot!

yesterday, in my quest for healthier choices for sweetness, i was reminded...

'tis the season...

:: ici ::

...for capturing a natural treasure treat !

:: ici ::

pure and sweet.

( i'll have a small wine carafe filled to go, please! )

label reading does not get any better than this!

one pure organic ingredient!


read about team America's sugaring season - here.


the amazing gold medal playing... team Canada's sugaring season - here!

( hmmmmmm...looks like Costco supports team syrup Canada! )

this morning...just a teaspoon drizzle.


yesterday, Ted Watson shared a kale salad recipe with

a simple maple syrup based vinaigrette.

i also found this recipe for a maple vinaigrette.

1/ 2 cup balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup maple syrup
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
salt and pepper to taste...

makes 1 3/4 cups

:: ici ::

this weekend i also discovered a funny...well...maybe just a little annoying revelation.

when you don't get your 10,000 steps completed in a day, your

fitbit's smiley face sticks it's tongue out at you!

that little green mini monster thing is giving me "guilt"! i am here, i'm not moving! 

sending sugar to all, and always thoughts and prayers to those of you

who have some extra challenges this week.

you know who you are!



  1. Aside from the guilt provoking aspects of the smiley face, do you like your fitbit? I'm about to take the plunge and I'm just trying to get as much "real life" feedback as I can before I buy it.

  2. That's such a pretty picture of your breakfast and the vinaigrette sound delicious!!

    Oh, if I had the courage to get a Fitbit!!!


  3. fitbit's tongue would fall off !! Your breakfast look good. Some times when reading the ingredient label, I start thinking, "Just what the heck is this." Know what I mean? I saw a Dr. on Oprah once, he said if your grandparents would not recognize it, don't eat it. You know like squeezy yogurt..wth? Hope you have a great week. xoxo,Susie

  4. There is nothing better than REAL maple syrup! Thanks for sharing this! xoxo

  5. We used to do maple sugaring on the farm when I was a kid. It was the job of my cousins and I to stir the syrup as it cooked down so that it didn't scorch. As soon as no one was watching one of us would scoop a big pot full out and run it up to the house to boil down into maple sugar. Now, although I don't like maple "flavored" anything- I LOVE maple sugar and the real syrup.

    I have been looking for a pedometer. What brand is that? It is hysterical. xo Diana

  6. Mmmmm, Maple Syrup! Gotta love the real thing!

    I do believe that green face is mocking you! lol

  7. I am so late, but you have given me a great idea.....don't you just love this stuff? And I had no idea it came out clear! HI LYNNE! Bisous! Anita

  8. I love new ways to eat kale. Yum!

    On your last comment you mentioned a chocolate Gousse. What is that? :)

    Have a lovely day my friend.

  9. I have not been to Vermont in many years but when I was there I bought LOTS of pure maple syrup!!
    I join you in being reminded to 'step it up!' An allergy attack sidelined my efforts today.....spending the afternoon with Amber Sunday took the place of walking Lucy......and fetch an carrying for Louis Dean took care of Saturday.....and I was so tired after coming home from my visit to family on Friday I took a nap instead of going for a walk!!! I get 30 stripes with a wet noodle!!! Maybe I can get up earlier and do Pilates in the morning!

  10. Good for you for getting your steps in!! I love to walk with my Springer Layla and it helps clear my head being outdoors .. regardless of weather. Maple syrup is the best;) and I make a vinaigrette similar to the one here today and I alternate between honey and maple syrup on my oats in the morning! SO good:):) xxleslie

  11. Breakfast looks wonderful and I like the looks of the salad dressing recipe. I'm loving that Cost-co has increased the number of organic products they carry. I love Maple Syrup, anything. Enjoy your day. xoJennifer

  12. not a fan of Maple Syrup or anything maple for that matter + it is Tuesday in S. CA have a wonderful week + steps are so good.

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