Monday, February 17, 2014


helloooo lovelies!

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over the weekend, it happened again!


...i am so very grateful...and truly blessed in life!

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thank you American presidents!

because of your service to our country, my birthday almost always

 falls on a three day weekend!  

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thank you  Winter Olympians!

because of you, i have spent many birthdays soaring down mountains and "twirling", "curling",

"flying" and "checking" on the ice!

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a fun little big rival game happened over the weekend...way to go Team U. S. A. !

T.J. Oshie is a Pacific Northwest native and  now a world 
 renowned "12" (he's a huge Seahawk fan ) ! he is also plays center for the St Louis Blues.
( 2014 has been a kick ass bottom year for PNW sports  figures, thus far! )


on Friday morning, Mr D surprised me with red and white roses, chocolate dipped

strawberries and Cougar Crest Dedication Seven wine before work!


the talent behind Cougar Crest wines comes from Deborah and David Hansen,  a Pharmacist and 

Veterinarian who met as students at Washington State University.

WSU school of Viticulture and Enology
the growth of the Washington wine industry has been on a fast track over the last 35 years. the number of wineries
has increased steadily over the years going from 15 wineries to nearly 700 wineries today.

Cougar Crest is an estate-only winery, with a string of 93+ ratings for their Syrah and Cabernet 

Sauvignon from their Stellar, Cougar Hills, and Golden's Legacy.  there is a subtle French connection 

with their address...Cougar Crest, 50 Frenchtown Road,  Walla Walla, WA 99362.

The seventh release of Dedication is a blend of four varietals; 50% Merlot, 29% Syrah, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 6% Petit Verdot. Lush, ripe plums, red currants, black cherries, and a hint of dried roses and herbs on the nose are balanced by acidity and tannins that are smooth and graceful, not overbearing. Rich on the palate and long on the finish, the overall effect shows balance and finesse, a hallmark of Cougar Crest wines. A deeply satisfying wine that is versatile and can be paired with bold, smoky meats, grilled chicken or salmon, or pizza. Enjoy!
  • Double Gold Indy International Wine Competition
Suggested Food Pairing: Lamb Stew

 the Dedication series is dedicated to financially support the Doernbecher Pediatric Hospital at Oregon 

Health & Science University, where David and Deborah's daughter was saved years ago. 

 it's a great wine at a great price point, and you can feel good in knowing that a portion of your $20 is 

supporting charity.  Mr D knows how much i love to support companies that pay it forward, 

especially when children are involved. i donate a small amount from each paycheck

to our community's Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in the name of our grands and the sweet daughter

 of a dear blog friend, who's life was saved at Mary Bridge a little over a year ago.


after work we whisked the grands to our place for dinner and movie, so Mommy and Daddy

could have dinner at home and some well deserved "quietude"!

(yes, that's Chrislyn's Strawberry Shortcake fork from the '80's)

Holland told grandpa that                she wanted Chinese for

dinner and ice cream for dessert.   she loves Chinese food.  her eyes light up and 

she dances at first sight of those cute take out cartons!  Ben is the best eater.

he actually consumed more than Holland.   each place setting held a carton 

of  Emily's chocolate dipped fortune cookies to take home!  this movie night's 

feature was chocolate covered cherry popcorn and Cinderella.

 the kids were perfect little angels. we dined! we played!

 we  danced, we read and we 


they left happy and went home to sleep through the night!  yeah team!


my birthday gift from Mr D was a SodaStream.

blackberry spa water with mint

we have wonderful water here in the Pacific Northwest. the SodaStream is not as pretty

as S. Pellegrino on the counter top, but it is quite practical, and offers healthier drinking options.

Mr D still loves to drink soda pop.  this option eliminates the consumption of

high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. i'll use it to make spa waters for me.


it's early, and i must get some housekeeping and baking accomplished before heading to

the kid's house at 9:00 this morning.  my Mom and Dad are going to help me with

 "the littles" while Chrislyn makes a quick get away to the The Hair Lounge. after hair and

 playtime, we are going to make lunch.

have a great week!



  1. Happy Birthday!! It sounds like you've been enjoying your weekend too, what a great post (except the hockey... sorry my friend but Canada is going to kick your butts) I'll have to look for that wine too, for celebrating (Canadians winning the hockey). Have a great day!!

    1. Always, a respectful tip of the hat to the motherland of hockey on ice!

  2. Sounds like you have had a wonderful weekend. HAPPY BDAY … PS HUGE HOCKEY FAN HERE

  3. It sounds like your weekend was hopping. That is so cute about the children and Chinese food. I think that soda maker saves on plastics also. You are so right about making your own healthier drinks. Blessings for a great week. Love our hockey boys.xoxo,Susie

    1. Oh Susie! Such a great point about the plastics! friendly too!

  4. My goodness that water looks FABULOUS! ANd happy LIFE to you dearest Lynne! Anita

  5. happy Bday! sounds like a wonderful weekend with the grands + the wine + the water look grand!

  6. Happy Birthday Lynne!!! Sounds like a fun, busy weekend! Enjoy the rest of it!
    XOXO Mary

  7. Happy Birthday! Your weekend sounds absolutely perfect! Have a wonderful week! Bonnie

  8. Wow- You had a busy birthday weekend. Wine- food and song-can it get any better than that? Let me know how you like your Soda Stream after you have had it for a while.

    Happy, Happy Birthday to you, dear Lynne!!!! xo Diana

  9. Happy happy birthday, sweet friend. Sounds like it was a very busy one. xo Laura